End of Year 2017 Greetings, Thanks and a Request for Your Continued Support

Dear Readers,

2017 has been another year full of surprises. The world keeps changing, and us all with it. This year could be described as a year of madness (both in the weather and on the sociopolitical stage), more division and polarization.

Just like last year, people seem to be making a choice, for better or for worse. Some are aligning themselves with the increasingly blatant lies peddled by the mainstream media and the pathological governments of our world, and some have taken a stand against those lies and are reaching a point where they finally see that there is something terribly wrong with the version of reality with which they are presented.

More than minorities vs. majorities of all kinds, that is perhaps the biggest division: the choice between aligning oneself with lies or truth, and being prepared to do the work necessary to be able to identify the difference. We think that many of our readers have naturally chosen to ‘take the high road’, and we hope that that knowledge will always protect you.