Shooting in Maryland. What we need to do?

It’s happened again. Shooting in Maryland on Tuesday. A shooting reported at Great Mills High School.

Politics, journalists, bloggers and activists started to discuss about changes to america’s gun law, again.

Maybe it is not the biggest problem for US citizens now, but we sure it is the biggest challenge for millennials, entrepreneurs and modern creative minds from all over the world. We all need to find a new more effective way to ensure our security, to protect our lives without guns.

Several month ago Elon Mask sells 20 000 Boring Company “Flamethrowers”. And it is the right way, i think.

We need more tech-toy-weapons which will help us fool around, feel the weapon, feel the fun and the power, but not harm others. It is just the first step…

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SOTT FOCUS: Behind the Headlines: Doing Putin’s ‘Dirty Work’: Barmy British Incite War With Russia

The strange case of Sergei Skripal began two weeks ago when this former Russian intelligence officer, along with his 33-year-old daughter Yulia, were found unconscious on a public bench in Salisbury, southern England. Fortuitously for them, the people who first found them were a passing doctor and nurse. Their current location is unknown, although British authorities report that they are alive and in a ‘stable condition’.

An international scandal has erupted in the meantime, with the British government accusing its Russian counterpart of conducting a chemical weapon attack on its soil. Emergency UN Security Council meetings, more anti-Russia sanctions and other punitive measures have been undertaken by the British government, with varying degrees of support from fellow NATO member-states.

The political climate of anti-Russia hysteria, which was already tense, continues its parabolic curve towards… well, towards what? War? Anyone would be forgiven for thinking so, but with the Russian presidential election taking place today, and the football World Cup coming up in Russia this summer, the more likely impetus for these shrill histrionics stem from a powerful impetus to ‘de-legitimize’ Putin’s government and isolate Russia internationally.