British Media Spins Corbyn’s Labour Victory in English Local Elections as Defeat

The British media is currently demonstrating a masterclass in how to present fake news, alternate facts, and post-truth as ‘reality’. On Friday, local elections in England produced a marginal increase in the number of Council seats held by the Labour Party in England, delivering Corbyn’s party with its best local election tally since 1971, and its second-best ever.

If the results were translated into a General Election result, Jeremy Corbyn would have become the UK’s new prime minister. But that’s not what the British media is telling Her Majesty’s Subjects. Instead, the message across all mainstream media – right and left – is that Corbyn’s party failed dismally.

Bashing Corbyn non-stop, since he was first elected leader of the Labour Party in 2015 – as ‘unelectable’, as ‘anti-Semitic’, as ‘pro-Russian’, as a ‘Communist Czech agent’ – the media now lambasts him for not delivering a comprehensive victory – evidence, again, that he should resign!

The last time the Labour Party won local elections by such a wide margin over the Conservative Party was in 1994. Three years later in the UK General Election, it was a landslide victory for Labour. The big difference between now and then is that this time there’s no ‘third-way’, no Tory-lite leader like Tony Blair leading the party – there’s Jeremy Corbyn, the British Security Services’ “number 1 national security threat.”