Shopping on Wall Street in the heat of the Fed and business accounts

The U.S. market takes the pull of the minutes of the Fed to add positions. While the Dow Jones is to strengthen the 11,000 points, the technology market consolidates the 2,400 thanks to Intel’s accounts and the lure of Apple, whose shares exceed $ 300. In the opening bars of trading the Dow Jones industrial scoring by 0.32% to 11,065 points, while the selective Standard & Poor’s 500 added 0.45%, to 1.175m points. The compsite Nasdaq up 0.5%, to 2,430 points in his fifth straight day of green numbers. The optimism late yesterday injected the minutes of the Federal Reserve (Fed) on Wall Street remains at the opening. The possibility that the regulator is short-term decant print more bills to strengthen the U.S. economy has reassured investors that show their confidence in the Fed’s markets on Tuesday faced his most important appointment a week after which , morale has been strengthened. As for currencies, the war between the dollar, yen and Chinese yuan has left Japan leeway to a euro that takes advantage of the situation to add positions against the greenback. However, the strength of the single European currency (this time will pay $ 1.394) can be your worst enemy. As Warren Buffett has explained today, the euro faces a “real challenge” after posting its biggest quarterly profit in eight years. In the third quarter rally that accumulates is about 11%, a rise brought about by the European Union decision to create a rescue fund of 750,000 million euros to address the fiscal crisis in the region. In the commodity merado weaker dollar encourages buying. Thus, a barrel of West Texas Intermediate (WTI) benchmark in the U.S., up 1.27%, to $ 82.7, while in the Old Continent Brent sum by 0.87% to 84.23 dollars. Gold is revalued 0.94%, to new highs of 1,359 points. The contributions from companies linked to raw materials account for further progress towards the opening. Alcoa shares are reactivated by 0.9% on Wall Street, while oil company Exxon limited to 0.3% of their profits. But corporate attention is diverted to other sectors: technology and banking. The first account with the encouragement of the end results published yesterday by Intel. The global semiconductor leader received their accounts with a premium of 2% in the pre-opening but eventually investors choose to cash and securities yield 0.5%. The rallies are spread rivals like AMD (+0.7%), and other large technology sector and Microsoft (+0.7%). Still in the sector, Apple (+0,65%) for the first time breaks the barrier of $ 300 per share. The financial sector received with special excitement the first bank performance of the new season, with the help of JPMorgan Chase. As with Intel, investors took profits and the titles of the session tear entity cuts.