The Bank of Japan injected 483 million euros into banks from the devastated area

The Bank of Japan(BOJ)announced today that it has injected ¥ 55,000 million(483 million euros)to thirteen financial institutions in the northeast that have been devastated by the earthquake on Friday.
The authority said it is willing to do everything possible,including providing funds to ensure market stability and adequate liquidity.
The BOJ said they have no information that would suggest possible problems tomorrow, Monday,regarding the provision of cash in areas affected by the earthquake of 9 degrees on the Richter scale.
This announcement comes before the meeting that will be held tomorrow by the Bank of Japan,Monday,a meeting in which will be discussed interest rates.
The Bank of Japan had already announced a few days ago that it was ready to support financial institutions in the area affected by the earthquake and the tsunami that followed and that they are able to respond to the needs of deposit withdrawals.
On Friday,shortly after the earthquake,the Bank of Japan said in a statement that it “will do everything possible,including the provision of liquidity to ensure financial market stability and to ensure adequate clearance of funds next week. “