Koreas to march under ‘united’ flag in Olympic Games after first high level talks in two years

North and South Korea have agreed to march together under a single “unified Korea” flag at next month’s Winter Olympics in the South.

They also agreed to field a joint women’s ice hockey team in rare talks at the truce village of Panmunjom.

These are the first high-level talks between the countries in more than two years.

It marks a thaw in relations that began in the new year when North Korea offered to send a team to the games.

Pepe Escobar: China’s strategy in the Middle East – Make trade not war

China’s “Go West” strategy was brought into sharp focus at a forum in Shanghai last weekend. Billed as the Belt and Road Initiative: Towards Greater Cooperation between China and the Middle East, it highlighted key aspects of Beijing’s wider plan.

The New Silk Roads, or the Belt and Road Initiative, involve six key economic corridors, connecting Asia, the Middle East, North Africa and Europe. One, in particular, extends through the Middle East to North Africa. This is where the Belt and Road meets MENA or the Middle East and North Africa.

Of course, Beijing’s massive economic project goes way beyond merely exporting China’s excess production capacity. That is part of the plan, along with building selected industrial bases in MENA countries by using technical and production expertise from the world’s second-largest economy.

Again, this is will connect western China to the eastern Mediterranean. It will mean developing a corridor through projects such as the Red Med railway. There are also plans to expand ports, such as Oman’s Duqm, as well as substantial investment in Turkey.

Ukrainian expert predicted the falling value of Bitcoin?

Ukrainian bitcoin-expert Andrey Nikishaev predicted falling of Bitcoin that started few days ago and is falling down now. He made two screens where he try to explain why pro-traders were ready for the falling value and why only newbie-traders lost their money today on BTC.

“Bitcoin will falling down for the next few days and it is not the lowest price of the BTC now. So keep waiting and than buy BTC. It’s not the first and it is not the last falling for BTC.”

When the followers ask him for advice, he just posted two screens with his own arguments as a tip.

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Bitcoin Diamond is the biggest scam in crypto market?

“Developer of the crypto-wallet “Bitcoin Diamond” is a scammer”, said crypto-experts in recent days.

Russian news agency Insider.Pro published an article with some insides from developers of Ledger who think that owners of Bitcoin Diamonds fraud bitcoin-owners, because of forwarding them to the different sites where they can buy different “popular” crypto-currencies in easy way and by lowest price, but in fact clients lose their money.


In social media more and more people say that Bitcoin Diamond don’t place blockchain technology and uniq code to the core of their project and the main goal of the owners is to steal money and access to other wallets from clients.

The biggest bitcoin farm in the world is ready for work in China


Here you can see the largest bitcoin-farm in the world and it was founded in China few weeks ago. Our special reporter was very surprised when he was invited to the “special opnening ceremony” where he made this photos.

This farm was created by TerraMiner and the truck driver said that it was very scary to drive car with the name of the popular bitcoin miner on the side.

For nowadays this miner will cost you for $100 000 000.

Are u ready for crypto-party and crypto diamonds? What do you think?



End of Year 2017 Greetings, Thanks and a Request for Your Continued Support

Dear Readers,

2017 has been another year full of surprises. The world keeps changing, and us all with it. This year could be described as a year of madness (both in the weather and on the sociopolitical stage), more division and polarization.

Just like last year, people seem to be making a choice, for better or for worse. Some are aligning themselves with the increasingly blatant lies peddled by the mainstream media and the pathological governments of our world, and some have taken a stand against those lies and are reaching a point where they finally see that there is something terribly wrong with the version of reality with which they are presented.

More than minorities vs. majorities of all kinds, that is perhaps the biggest division: the choice between aligning oneself with lies or truth, and being prepared to do the work necessary to be able to identify the difference. We think that many of our readers have naturally chosen to ‘take the high road’, and we hope that that knowledge will always protect you.

But Where’s Natasha? Boris Goes to Russia, Cracks Jokes, Gets Told Off by Lavrov, Still Wants Trade with Russia

Bungling, bumbling British Foreign Minister Boris Johnson is the first British FM to visit Russia in the last five years. Today he was in Moscow for talks with his Russian counterpart, Sergey Lavrov. Johnson described Russian-UK relations as “going through a bad patch”, but called for more progress on bilateral ties and coordination on issues “that matter to people of the world”, like Iran, North Korea, Syria’s future, and the fight against terrorism.

“One of the reasons for coming here is that there is no point in simply sitting on the sidelines and complaining about each other. We have to engage and we have to talk to each other. Be in no doubt that I want to see an improvement of relations between our peoples,” he said, adding that the two countries should “work hard” to address difficulties and “find a way forward” to cooperate where it is possible.

Johnson affirmed that despite poor relations, he remains “a committed Russophile” – making sure to point out his partly Russian ancestry.

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Manufacturing Dissent: The Guardian sez Russia Behind ‘Online Conspiracy Theory About White Helmets’

On Monday a senior Guardian ‘technology reporter’ named Olivia Solon published the findings of her investigation into how it came to pass that ‘conspiracy theories’ about the White Helmets ‘Syrian civil defense’ organization actually being a terrorist group managed to dominate online discussion. The result was an incredible hit-piece against alternative media sites – particularly 21st Century Wire, which published original research by journalist Vanessa Beeley – whose work has done much to expose Western lies about the war in Syria. And it’s all ultimately Russia’s fault, of course…

How Syria’s White Helmets became victims of an online propaganda machine

The Russia-backed campaign to link the volunteer rescuers with al-Qaida exposes how conspiracy theories take root: ‘It’s like a factory’

Reading just the headline and sub-headline, you’ve already caught the gist of it. Solon constructs a tale about a grand conspiracy involving “anti-imperialist activists, conspiracy theorists and trolls with the support of the Russian government” to account for why people believe the alternative (and largely accurate) narrative about the White Helmets over the official, Western narrative that the White Helmets are actually ‘white knights saving Syrians from their evil government’.

Omega-3s and the Brain: Fish Intake Linked to Higher IQ and Better Sleep

According to a new study from the University of Pennsylvania, published this week in Scientific Reports, children who eat fish at least once a week sleep better and have IQ scores that are 4.8 points higher, on average, than those who consume fish less frequently or not at all.

Previous studies showed a relationship between omega-3s, the fatty acids in many types of fish, and improved intelligence, as well as Omega-3s and better sleep. But they’ve never all been connected before. This work, conducted by Jianghong Liu, Jennifer Pinto-Martin and Alexandra Hanlon of the School of Nursing and ‘Penn Integrates Knowledge’ Professor, Adrian Raine, reveals that sleep might be the potential missing link between fish intake and intelligence.

For the study, a cohort of 541 9- to 11-year-olds in China, 54 percent boys and 46 percent girls, completed a questionnaire about how often they consumed fish in the past month, with options ranging from “never” to “at least once per week.” They also took the Chinese version of an IQ test called the Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children-Revised, which examines verbal and non-verbal skills such as vocabulary and coding.

“Lack of sleep is associated with antisocial behavior; poor cognition is associated with antisocial behavior,” said Raine. “We have found that Omega-3 supplements reduce antisocial behavior, so it’s not too surprising that fish is behind this.”

SpaceX rocket launch spooks Californians with eerie glowing trail (VIDEOS)

The launch of a SpaceX rocket into orbit from California on Friday – the 18th and final launch of 2017 for SpaceX – left behind a trail of mystery and wonder as it soared into space. The Falcon 9 booster lifted off from coastal Vandenberg air force base, carrying the latest batch of satellites for Iridium Communications. Cars stopped on freeways in Los Angeles as millions across the US southwest watched in awe.

Spectacular footage of a glowing, billowing streak was widely seen throughout southern California and as far away as Phoenix, Arizona. Calls came in to TV stations and emergency services as far afield as San Diego, more than 200 miles south of the launch site, as people were spooked about what caused the strange sight.

Here’s the event as seen from Anaheim, Los Angeles, 160 miles southeast of Vandenberg:

The view from Phoenix, Arizona, which is 500 miles east-southeast of Vandenberg, was equally spectacular. Note that the reporter in the chopper was in the air to cover a traffic accident, not the SpaceX launch:

In this last video we want to show you, reporter Jeff Platt for KBAK-KBFX Eyewitness News was actually covering the SpaceX launch, providing commentary on the event from lift-off to space from his vantage point in Bakersfield, California, which is 95 miles northeast of Vandenberg. Platt is reduced to saying, once the trail fans out into ‘maximum-spectacular’ mode, “At this point I really couldn’t tell what exactly is happening [pause]… space travel isn’t exactly my line of expertise.”