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CPIM protest against water problem in Jappinamogaru
Osama's son Hamza asks jihadists to attack US, allies
Same-sex marriage bill introduced to Australian Parliament
Intercaste couple goes missing: Hindu outfits demand investigation
Raveena alleges misbehaviour during I-Day celebrations in LA
Morgan Freeman's granddaughter stabbed to death in Manhattan
First batch of Hajj pigrims departs from Mangaluru International airport
Love failiar: Assistant officer of health centre commits suicide
Woman injured as Omni car hits police jeep
Conditional SR2,000 dole disbursement begins

Lone house in Haleyangadi robbed for cash

Mulki: In Mulki jurisdiction limits, near Haleyangadi a lone house has been barged into by the thieves and cash around 20000 is stolen. The incident happened on Tuesday night.

The house in Modutota belonged to Laxman Shetty has been robbed by thieves. The owners reside in Mumbai and the house is locked for long period of time.

Thieves’ entered the house from upstairs by breaking the door and stole 20000 rupees kept in a cupboard.

A local resident, who had come to Daivastan near the house saw that the door was open. Upon inspection the incident came to light.

Police have visited the spot with finger print experts.

  • Published in Surathkal

Robbery in Belman Durgaparameshwari Temple in broad day light: valuables worth 3 lacks looted

Karkala: The never before robbery happened in Belman Durgaparameshwari temple in broad day light. The robbers have robbed silver ornaments worth 3 lack rupees. The incident had happened on Monday between afternoons to evening.

The robbery in day light is first in town. The robbers broke open the door lock after the pooja rituals as commenced in the afternoon. The man who beats drums for the temple was the guard of the temple during the time of robbery and he did not notice the robbery at all.

The crown of Devi made of silver, her ornaments, 6 gold chains have been robbed.

Case has been registered in rural police station.

The temple is worshiped and visited by former CM Dharmasing and Yadyuraapa during their term. They had huge devotion towards this temple. Now the robbery in the temple has made people anxious.

  • Published in Karkala

Serial robbery in Konaje: Cash and valuables worth Rs. 5 lakh looted

Ullala: Thieves broke into seven shops in Konaje and made away with valuables worth Rs. 5 lakh.
Robbers entered the shops near Mangaluru University. The fled away with Rs. 2 lakh, 3 SLR cameras from a studio belonged to Apul Ira, mobile phones, chargers worth Rs. 2 lakh from a mobile shop belonged to Sahal, mobile phones worth Rs. 20,000 from the shop owned by Harish. They also broke into a Xerox shop, a general store, a bakery Ideal juice centre and made away with valuables and cash.

The robbers broke open the shutters of the house and used chemical to avoid finger prints.

Konaje police, finger print experts and sniffer dog squad reached the spot and investigation is on.
  • Published in Ullal

Gold robbery planned in Hollywood film style thwarted by the police

Chennai: Thirty-three year-old Ahamed alias Kaushik, an active share market trader, has been planning the ‘great robbery’ along with his associates for the last 10 days. It is not sure if they were hoping to pull it off like Hollywood movies, Italian Job or Ocean’s 11. He had hand picked his associates and made different kinds of offers to his team members, and wanted to settle himself with enough money with just one ‘mission’.

Two of his associates were MBA graduates and they were offered jobs abroad while another man, who was burdened with heavy loan, was told that his loan would be settled. Another associate was offered help to set up a medical shop. All of them were told that they have to take the box and deliver to somebody else. "Just grab the box. It belonged to us. I will take care of the rest,” he told his associates. But the public foiled the plan at time of execution on Tuesday night at Todd Hunter Nagar in Saidapet.

Actually his team had executed their mission after sprinkling chilli powder on the face of the occupants of the car, in which three persons of a courier firm, were carrying nearly 10 kg gold worth `2.5 crore. The finished gold was collected from 16 jewellery makers and was to be delivered to dealers in Mumbai. Police said that Kaushik, a native of Tiruppur had been staying in Broadway for the last two months and had tried his luck in stock market but failed.

This is the first robbery attempt by the gang in Chennai in which at least four bikes were used to stop the car in Saidapet, much ahead of the place they had originally planned to stop it. But members of the public foiled the heist attempt as one after another was caught.


  • Published in National

Cash, valuables robbed in a serial theft in Valacchil

Mangaluru: In a serial theft that took place in Valacchil near Merlapadav on the late night of Wednesday June 24 robbers made away with cash and valuables from several shops.

The thieves decamped with gold ring, earring, ATM card and Rs. 5,000 cash from saloon, Rs. 2000 and cigarette boxes worth Rs. 5,000 from a fair price shop and Rs. 50,000 cash from  Kerala restaurant.

The police have visited the spot and inspected. An investigation is on.
  • Published in Mangaluru

Increasing robbery: Police holds meeting with shop owners

Bantwal: As robbery in areca nut shops and in other shops on the rise in Bantwal police officials held a meeting with shop owners at town police station.

The meeting was headed by town police station sub inspector Nanda Kumar. It was decided in the meeting that a 24 hour security should be appointed, CC cameras should be installed, and siren should be installed in door locks.

Recently many thefts cases have been registered in Bantwal living shop keepers anxious. A couple of days ago many bags of areca nuts were stolen from a shop here.
  • Published in Bantwal

Rs. 15 lakh looted by spraying chilly powder into the face of a train passenger

Kasargod: A gang of three made away with a bag containing cash worth Rs. 15 lakhs from a person after spraying chilly power into his face in a train here on Tuesday May 26.

Jayateertha (56), a resident of Bantwal is the person who was targeted by the robbers. He works in a plastic factory in Mangaluru as a salesman.

It is reported that Jayateertha had visited Kannur on Tuesday to collect money from the merchants. After collecting money he kept the amount in his bag, and boarded Kannur-Yashwantpur Express train's general compartment to return to Mangaluru.

Three robbers entered the compartment and sprayed chilly powder into his face and within a fraction of a second they vanished with the bag containing the cash. A co-passenger saw that the robbers were running away with the bag, and alerted the railway police. By the time policemen reacted, the robbers had run away.

Kannur railway police have registered a case.
  • Published in Kerala

Robbers decamp with cash and valuables from a house in Karkala

Karkala: Thieves broke into the house of Sujatha K. Shetty in Karimarakatte in Nallur village and decamped with gold and cash worth Rs. 4 lakh.

The incident happened on the late night of Monday May 25. The house breakers broke open the back door of the house and made away with the gold ornaments worth Rs. 4 lakh and cash Rs. 18,000.

The housemates were asleep during the robbery and surprisingly robbers managed to steal from the same room were the housemates were sleeping.

A case has been filed in rural police station.
  • Published in Karkala
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