Coronavirus Shifts Focus on Environmental Issues

Despite the recent outcome fleshed as a pandemic, the World faces an upside in a rejuvenated environment. Earth’s climatic systems have been in a state of decline in the preceding years following technological improvements. However, the corona pandemic seems to be good news for nature. A recent study shows how the coronavirus pandemic and climate change are in several respects intertwined. It’s an important question to consider that these are situations about life and death 

We shift our focus is unto the coronavirus, as it is instant. The rapid virus progress is unprecedented. For some, it feels like a shift from healthy to dead in two weeks. You’re all right, and then you’re gone two weeks after. However, it is different for our planet. Variations in climatic conditions don’t change overnight.  The World experiences a gradual shift in temperature over an extended period. It would take several years for the World to warm up, oceanic ecosystems to perish. , to intensify the heat, to extend fire cycles, to regenerate itself, and to end floods. What we find to be “ordinary” disasters are undoubtedly catastrophes triggered mostly by the use of fossil fuels 

The infection, like CO2 and methane, is unnoticeable. However, the difference between the two categories is one heats up the atmosphere while the other leads to a quick death. It is even painful to get the masses in on this matter because global warming is an abstract threat taking place over a long time  

Posts like these might have come to your attention in recent years should you have studied the study of climate change 

The time is now 

We, as humanity, have to talk about the effects of climate change destruction in the context of combat. This move is necessary should we want to save our planet. Everyone on earth should come together to combat environmental degradation as we have joined hands to beat the virus. The aim is to function collectively as a group to “flatten” the carbon emissions trajectory by eliminating our drown dance on fossil fuels.

Central New York needs a transition from its use of fossil fuels to clean energy sources; this is specially to come to effect from the corporate World, municipals, colleges, charitable organizations, households and most importantly the transport industry inclusive of the automotive industry 

Central New York is no longer supposed to develop using fossil fuel resources. This kind of project would drag us back decades of progress.