Tension rises as Soyuz Rocket launch a Russian military missile into space

The extensive satellite scope offers a rare and objective viewpoint to help resolve the most significant problems. Such spacecraft’s knowledge will increase the agricultural returns and prevent biodiversity degradation and avoid deforestation.  The satellites unraveled the ozone layer void, and currently, their findings remain essential in combating global warming. Also, the satellites have enabled humanity […]


A New Milestone for Electric Car Charging

Electric vehicles have, in the past years, been making remarkable leaps to the mainstream technology and day to day mobility. These vehicles are also more long-term cost-effective as compared to internal combustion counterparts. However, despite all this hype and technology wizardry, EVs are still inferior to conventional cars when it comes to driving range, and […]


Pandemic prompts Spacebit to overhaul methodology, grow staff

Space companies are reevaluating their strategies to ensure they work. The coronavirus pandemic is forcing them to think over the implementation of these strategies. This move is because their tests are not entirely computerized. They still depend on human beings, for instance, in launching the robot vehicles. One such company is Spacebit.  Spacebit is planning […]