Telford is expectant of the new EV charging stations to be installed by the Wrekin Council.

Last year Telford and Wrekin Council voted climate change an emergency and said they would be working towards cleaner energy use to minimize greenhouse gas emissions. 

The proponent of reverting climate change Councilor Carolyn Healy says that solving the climate problem is replacing ICE cars with Evs. She also suggests the citizens’ involvement in this transition by educating them and employing them in these projects. 

In a virtual interview on Facebook, Councilor Healy says that they are developing cycle networks and educating the citizens on eco-friendly energy-saving methods. She reiterates that since declaring climate emergency, they have been establishing techniques to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Various techniques show laudable impacts on the carbon footprint leading to the indictment of these techniques into diverse economic activities. 

Healy reports that the carbon footprint analysis indicates that the primary causes of greenhouse gas emissions are buildings, the transport industry, and the commercial industries. After this analysis, their first action plan came into effect in February of this year. However, she says that the program is open to ridicule and innovative adjustments. 

Therefore, they partner with essential stakeholders ranging from schools, towns, local businesses, community groups, and parish councils that support this plan. 

Councilor Healy states that electric vehicles and public means of transport will facilitate the transition to net-zero carbon emissions. The council is collaborating with electric vehicle makers to advise the general public to shift from the ICE cars to Evs, which are eco-friendly. 

Councilor Healy submits that their contract of incentivized bus routes will be ending in 2021. Therefore, they intend to hold meetings with Arriva, which is one of their bus service providers. Healy says that they are working towards developing electric vehicle charging stations in their parking lots and accommodation offices. This move will begin with the signing of agreements with charging station developers to calm the anxiety of electric vehicle owners. 

She explains that they will step up and provide the charging services in places where they identify extreme gaps. She adds that the installation of the LED street lights has counteracted light pollution. These street lights run on renewable energy. Additionally, they are taking solar lights to areas where electricity is inaccessible.  

Finally, the participants requested to know how they intend to ensure the developments achieve the environmental specifications. Councilor Healy said that they are reevaluating the Local Plan proposing to ensure homes have the appropriate insulations to meet their energy needs with less fuel.