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Iqama services only for expats with fingerprints in the system 

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Iqama services only for expats with fingerprints in the system 
The Passport Department said Sunday it has blocked all passport- and iqama-related services for the residents who have not gone through the procedure of fingerprinting.
“The department will continue to block these services to any expatriate who has not gone through the fingerprinting procedure at the offices specified by the department or local passport offices,” said Maj. Ahmad Fahd Al-Luhaidan, spokesman at the Passport Department.
Blocked services include iqama issuance, renewal, information transfer, permanent departure or exit/re-entry visas, sponsorship transfer and others.
He said fingerprinting is a must for all male and female expatriates in the Kingdom. He urged those who are yet to go through the fingerprinting procedure to do so immediately.
“To facilitate the process and to avoid delays, the department has published a list of offices where the fingerprinting facility is available as well on its website,” Al-Luhaidan pointed out. He did not mention imposition of any penalty.
Also, the Passport Department provided on its website the service of fingerprint checks in the automated central system along with the other data about expatriates, so those who find their fingerprints missing can take steps to get their fingerprinting done again.
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