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Ten-year old boy in Saudi killed one man with a Kalashnikov

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Ten-year old boy in Saudi killed one man with a Kalashnikov
Manama: A ten-year old boy in Saudi Arabia has killed one man and injured another accidentally while playfully teasing them with a Kalashnikov.

A spokesperson for the police in Jazan in southern Saudi Arabia said one man was shot in the head and died on the spot and the other was hit in the upper thigh.

The tragedy happened inside a house under construction, local news site Sabq reported on Wednesday.

The injured man told the police that the boy was the son of the house owner and that he had brought the Kalashnikov with him to the construction site.

According to the witness, it was not the first time that the child showed up with the gun in his hands and pointed it at them in a playful mood, though the gun was not loaded on earlier occasions.

However, it was loaded on the fateful day.

The boy was arrested pending further investigations.
Online comments harshly criticised the family for allowing the young boy to have access to the Kalashnikov, accusing them of reckless and irresponsible behaviour.

The tragic involvement of a young boy in the fatal use of weapons is the second in Saudi Arabia in one week.
A Saudi elementary school student, believed to be less than 12 years old, shot dead an Ethiopian man reportedly while trying to protect his older brother.

Details in the killing case indicate that three Ethiopians have assaulted the killer’s brother, a student in the intermediate school in the Aseer area, in the southwest of Saudi Arabia.
The brother asked his siblings to assist him in confronting the assailants, and the elementary schoolboy brought a gun and fired at one of the men, killing him.

The victim was transported to a local hospital and the child was referred by the police to a social home in Aseer.

A spokesperson for the police in Aseer confirmed the tragedy.

“We received a call from the local hospital on Friday at around 6pm, informing us about a dead man killed by a gun,” Abdullah Bin Dhafran, said. “The police went to the hospital and then to the crime scene before detaining the suspect. All required procedures have been followed,” he added.

The student’s school requested the police to provide security in the perimeter of the building after one of the Ethiopian men approached the neighbours and said he would take revenge for the killing of his brother.

The police arrested the man for uttering the threats.

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