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Woman jailed for robbery at money exchange in Abu Dhabi

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A woman who tried to rob a money exchange in the capital using a toy gun has been jailed for seven years.

Abu Dhabi Criminal Court yesterday sentenced the Filipina after she was found guilty of attempted robbery, threatening to kill workers and disrupting public security. The judge gave the 33-year-old a further two months for violating residence laws as she had overstayed her visa.

The woman tried to rob Al Badr Exchange in Abu Dhabi on March 12. Police, as part of their investigation, released CCTV footage of the crime.

The Filipina wore an abaya as a disguise when she entered the Hamdan Street store and threatened to kill workers unless they handed over cash. She was also carrying a knife. However, she was overpowered by an employee and held until police arrived.

At a previous hearing, the woman admitted to carrying out the crime after losing her job and racking up debts. “I tried to rob the exchange office because I had many debts, about Dhs140,000,” she told the judge. She said she bought the imitation gun from a shop for Dhs25.

A prosecutor said: “She had covered her face and wore a veil over her head to hide her identity. She wanted to avoid being detected by the CCTV cameras.” Her lawyer said the woman used a toy gun as she did not want to hurt anyone.

“For something to be threatening it must have the ability to cause harm,” the lawyer argued at a previous hearing. But the judge said in his ruling the woman, even with a toy gun, had created fear and panic among the workers at the exchange because they had no idea that the gun was just an imitation.

“Also, it was possible the workers could have complied with her request and handed out some cash to her believing that she was carrying a real weapon,” the judge said. She will be deported after serving her jail sentence.


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