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Old vendetta: deadly attack on youth

Kundapura: An old vendetta has turned deadly for a youth in Teggarse, he was attacked by the gang of three on Thursday night.

Teggarse resident Ravindra Ganiga(31) is the person who was attacked by Raju, Shashidar Hudara and Jayaraj

Incident description:

Thursday night at 9.30 Ravindra Ganiga along with his brother Krishna Ganiga, was standing in Teggarse city. Raju has started to shout at Ravindra with abusive language and had slapped him. At the same time Shashidar Hudara arrived and attacked Ravindra with a rod on his right leg. Krishna rushed to help his brother. But the attackers pushed him away and thrashed him too. They also threatened them to death.

Baindoor Police have registered the case.

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