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Independence day celebrated with patriotic fervour and freedom spirit in
Three persons arrested in Maple store theft case
305 meter long Tricolour unveiled at Hampankatta on Independence day
69th Independence day celebrated in Nehru Maidan in Mangaluru
Independence day celebrated in Surathkal
Mangaluru: Protest without permission - 29 BJP activists detained
Bannanje Raja brought to Belagavi, in police custody till Aug
Rastrapita Gandhiji offered puja in a temple daily
Fadnavis wants to merge Marathi speaking areas to Maharastra
John Kerry wishes India on 69th Independence Day, praises its

Everybody must sacrifice everything for Nation’s security: Chakravarti Soolibele

Badiyadka: The famous rhetoric, Yuva Brigade leader and columnist Chakravarti Soolibele said “we must sacrifice everything for the security of the Nation and we must get involved in protecting the mother land”.

He was speaking at the Kargil Vijayotsav function held at Bharati Vidyapeeta arranged by Kasargod dist Yuva Brigade in Badiyadka on Wednesday.

He asked to train up the kids by telling them stories about patriots who gave their lives for the nation. Form kids to 100 year old every one must dedicate their life to serve the nation. One must get motivated by the stories of sacrifices of great soldiers who lost their lives in Kargil war he said. He wished for children’s bright future and launched the poems and drawings made by the students.

Rhetoric Shri Krishna Upadyaya said that one must always remember the sacrifices of great soldiers and must bow our head before them. He explained the Kargil war scene to the students.

Badiyadka GP member Manjunath Manya, Gokarna Mandal president Y.V.Krishnamurthi, HM of the school Satyanarayan Sharma and others were present.

  • Published in D.K.

Kottambe hanging bridge in dangerous situation

Badiyadka: Hanging bridge built to Payasvini river in Kottambe, near Mulleria is completely wrecked and creating danger to lives of people. The bridge is in complete devastating stage. But none of the officials are taking up the responsibility to re build the bridge.

This bridge is the only route to travel across the river for people of Pandi and Delampadi. The only brdge which connects the two villages is in dying stage. 19 slabs of the bride are broken. The net that protects the bridge is teared away in many places. Women, kids and workers travel everyday prying for their lives on the bridge.

Many people have stuck between the broken slabs of the bridge. The people are waiting for the officials to take a look at the problem and solve it at the earliest.
  • Published in D.K.

Free homes for the poor from Sairam Bhat

Badiyadka: Free homes for the poor, sewing machines for poor ladies and supply of drinking water  to a colony was donated by Sairam Gopalkrishna  Bhat.

Information and technology minister of the State Janab Roshan Beg delivered the keys and machines to the concerned people at Badiyadka.

He praised Sairam Bhat for his good and selfless deeds for the society and asked everyone to learn a lesson from him.

Karnataka Janapada Parishat President Keshav Prasad, vice-president Prof.A.Shinath ,political leader  Laxman Kumble, and others were present.

  • Published in D.K.

Badiyadka people turning furious: Crawling drainage construction work

Badiyadka: Bajakoodlu road drainage construction work near Perla is crawling as a result people of this area are severely affected.

This half done construction work is very dangerous and had turned people furious about the work.

The work has been stopped two weeks  back and contractor and workers have moved somewhere else.

Due to heavy rains mud water has made pedestrians difficult to walk.

As there is no sign board of work in progress  a lorry has stuck inside the drainage few days back. And with the help of the public  they somehow managed to pull it out.

Public is demanding to get this work done by the contractors  at the earliest.

  • Published in Kerala
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