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Banning porn sites is not a solution to curb paedophiles

It's good news that the government has now decided to rethink the ban it had earlier imposed on porn sites. Earlier, the government had faced flak for its decision to block over 800 websites, which it had deemed pornographic. The resulting outcry may have caused the government to rethink the…
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The demise of people's president

Popularly called the "Missile Man" of India, Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam rose from humble beginnings and earned the reputation of being the "people's President" who endeared himself to all all sections, especially the young.A devout Muslim and son of a boat owner, Avul Pakir Jainulabdeen Abdul Kalam, who assumed office…
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'Why I will not waive my gas subsidy': An open letter to the Prime Minister

Respected Sir:You have asked the rich and affluent people of India to waive off their share of subsidy on gas cylinders used by them in their homes and help in nation building.I, for one would definitely prescribe to your view and gladly do so. In return, I would like all…
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When the earthquake forced the 'living God' of Nepal walk the streets for the first time in her life

When a massive earthquake hit Nepal in April killing 8,800 people, Nepal's longest-serving 'living goddess' was forced to do the unthinkable - walk the streets for the first time in her life.As the 7.8 magnitude tremor hit the historic city of Patan, south of Kathmandu, the home in Dhana Kumari…
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