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CPIM protest against water problem in Jappinamogaru
Osama's son Hamza asks jihadists to attack US, allies
Same-sex marriage bill introduced to Australian Parliament
Intercaste couple goes missing: Hindu outfits demand investigation
Raveena alleges misbehaviour during I-Day celebrations in LA
Morgan Freeman's granddaughter stabbed to death in Manhattan
First batch of Hajj pigrims departs from Mangaluru International airport
Love failiar: Assistant officer of health centre commits suicide
Woman injured as Omni car hits police jeep
Conditional SR2,000 dole disbursement begins

Bus conductor misbehaves with a girl; thrashed by the public

Kundapur: A bus conductor is thrashed by the furious public on the alleged misbehavior with a girl passenger in the bus. The incident had happened in Koteshwara bus stop on Saturday.

Kokkarne resident Babanna (28) is the accused of misbehavior with the girl.
Incident: In Shrilaxmi bus that travels to and fro Kundapura- Kokkarne, a girl was travelling up from Kundapur to her home. Meanwhile the accused has misbehaved with her while trying to close the glass window pane as it was raining.

The girl had reported this bad behavior of his at home with her brother. But the bus was already passed. But the public gathered information about the incident and gathered at Koteshwara bus stop and halted on its way back to Kumdapur.

The public took his class and thrashed him. The traffic was jammed for couple of minutes due to the incident. But immediate interference of Kundapur police had managed the sequence. The bus conductor is taken for interrogation.

  • Published in Udupi

No more noise pollution in Kundapur

Kundapur: The harsh noise that irritated people while travelling in Private buses would no more be heard as the traffic police have removed those horns with harsh noises from the buses.

On public complaint the traffic department has removed the vacuums or harsh noisy horns from the buses on Thursday evening.
Many residents, hospitals, court premises and schools got affected by the noises of horns as they were highly irritable. Many complaints have been lodged to the traffic department. On the basis of those complaints the traffic police have done the operation.

Udupi district SP Annamali instructed the officers to remove the horns from the buses that made harsh noise. Sub inspector Jaya and Devendra lead the team of ASI and staffs to remove the horns. Later they warned the bus drivers and allowed them to go.

More than 50 buses were caught with noisy horns and the drivers were made to remove the horns.

  • Published in Udupi

Cow thieves arrested in Kundapur

Kundapur:  The police have arrested two persons who had tried to steal cow that was being tied near a house for grazing.

The arrested have been identified as Ravi alias Appanna (25) and Nagaraj alias Naga (30) both from Herikere taluk.

The duo was wandering suspiciously around the tied cow in the afternoon. When they approached near the cow to untie its rope and take away the occupants of the house rushed to the spot and got hold of the accused. When thoroughly interrogated the duo had revealed their intention. Later the accused were handed over to the police.

A case has been lodged in Kundapur police station. The accused were produced before the court.
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`Warrior’-A thriller shot in Kundapur

Kundapur: Kundapura always has been a favourite spot for film makers. Many movies which have been picturised here have become big hits. But there many places which are still to be cinematographed. The team of ‘warrior’ movie is trying to bring those locations on screen.
New team: Warrior team consists of new faces. The film is being directed by Arya who has worked as assistant director for many movies and produced by Prabhakar. The whole film is shot in Kundapur. The film crew is trying to capture the beautiful locations of Kundapur and the surroundings.

The title song of the movie has been picturised in the port region of Gangolli, many other scenes were also shot on the same location while the climax has been shot in the caves of Kamalashile.

The warrior: The names itself suggests that this is a movie with a story of struggle, aggression and fight. The movie is a psychological thriller. The movie is based on the five principles of nature and the confusions and struggling of a person.

The artists: There are two heroes in the movie and three heroines. Pranav and Prashanth have played the male protagonists in the movie. They represent dream and the heart. Pavana, Vedika Shetty and Sonu are the female lead. Actress Pavana has worked in many daily soaps. Vedika Shetty is a local face as she is from Udupi. This is the first film for her. Sanjay, the emerging actor in Sandalwood has played the negative role. Raghu Pandeshwar of Sastana nd Shobha were given the task of tickling the funny bone of the audience. Veteran actress Bhavya and Shrikanth Honnavalli will be seen in supporting roles.

The movie is slated to release in the last week of July.    

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Lemon, Kumkum in front of a fancy store: black magic or a prank?

Kundapura: Some wicked brats have kept Lemon, Kumkum and tender coconut in front of a fancy store in Kundapur on Tuesday night. The situation was depicting as if black magic is done in front of the shop.
The things were kept in front of the shop that belonged to Jaycees founder, social worker, beauty queen shop owner Husain Haikadi. The shutter was locked by him at night. In front of the shop a tender coconut was kept and some lemons were cut into pieces. Kumkum and turmeric were spread all over the place. A lecturer who was passing by the shop in the morning informed the owner.

Hussain immediately rushed to the shop and was scared to see the scene. He called researcher Uday Gavnkar who spreads awareness against black magic to the shop. Uday Gavnkar came to the shop and gave advice to Husain that there is nothing like black magic. He made juice out of the lemons and drank the juice and gave the juice to others as well. Probably this was just a prank played by wicked brats to scare the people he suspected.
  • Published in Udupi
Bandh: thumps up in Udupi; mixed reaction in Kunadapur

Bandh: thumps up in Udupi; mixed reaction in Kunadapur

Kundapur: The nationwide bandh called off by various organizations to oppose central governments transport and safety rules were successful in Udupi but the people of Kundapur showed least interest.
In Udupi city bus, private bus and government busses did not get down the road and supported the bandh. The people who did not have information about bandh had to struggle to get back to their destination. Auto rickshaw facility was available as usual. Police were deployed to avoid any unwanted situation.

In Kundapur mixed response was shown. The private busses and rickshaws supported bandh. The buses of rural area were working as usual. Express buses from Kunadapur to Mangalore did not give their facilty to people today. The rickshaw stands and bus stands were almost empty in the city.

Rickshaw drivers protest:

Richkshaw drivers and owners association demonstrated a protest to drop the act proposed by central government at Shastri circle in Kundapur.

“More than 8 lack auto drivers in the state are working day and night since 65 years. Government is earning lacks and lacks from taxes but no action is taken for our welfare. Government has cheated us and upon that through the act it is trying to make us jobless, the act must be taken back” protestors demanded.
  • Published in Udupi

Hallihole: protests against illegal sale of liquor in the village

Kundapur: Hallihole, where naxal activities are believed to be high, the illegal sale of liquor is also curbing the lives of people. Liquor is sold in every shops and hotels here in Hallihole. The women of Hallihole gram panchayat area staged a protest against illegal sale of liquor in the village in association with Namma Bhoomi organization.

They came from Chakra Maidan 2 k.m far from Hallihole gram Panchayat by walk and handed over the request to g.p.developement officer Sudharshan.

Protestors shouted slogans against abakari and police departments. They also raised voice against representative protecting liquor marketers. They warned that the protest is just to wake up the representatives and officers. But in future if the illegal sale of liquor continues, huge protest will be demonstrated.

Makkala Mitra association members and g. p. members Shankarnarayan Kannata, K.Rama Naik, Yashoda, Shanta, Saraswati, Saroja, Prema,Pallavi, Members of Namma Bhoomi Arunachal Nayak, Kripa, Mahabaleshwar, Anirudd, g.p members Nagappa Poojari and Girija and Stri Shakti organizations participated in the protest.

  • Published in Udupi

Thunder storm creates chaos in Kundapur

Kundapur: Thunder storms struck in various parts of Kundapur in the wee hours of Tuesday March 31 creating many catastrophes in the region. Four persons including children were being hospitalized as they were hit by lightning.  

The lightning struck into the house of Panju Naika in Konjavalli in Kodlady village injuring his mother Gouri, wife Revathy and children Prithvi and Deepthi. They were admitted to Shri Devi hospital in Kundapur.

The one year old house completely damaged in the incident. The electric appliances and other items inside the house were completely charred in the incident. In another incident two cattle in the shed of Gouri Poojarthi died due to lightning.
  • Published in Udupi
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