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Bannanje Raja brought to Udupi: Sent to 15 days police
Programme on organ and body donation held by United Christian
Robbers take away valuables and cash worth Rs. 70 lakh
Independence day celebrated with patriotic fervour and freedom spirit in
Three persons arrested in Maple store theft case
305 meter long Tricolour unveiled at Hampankatta on Independence day
69th Independence day celebrated in Nehru Maidan in Mangaluru
Independence day celebrated in Surathkal
Mangaluru: Protest without permission - 29 BJP activists detained
Bannanje Raja brought to Belagavi, in police custody till Aug

Coak and sulphar unit lorries creating menace in Katipalla: Locals protest

Surathkal: The coak production unit of MRPL is now creating problems in church road in Katipalla and Ganeshpura Kaikamba. The coke transporting lorries are parked on both side of the road making it difficult for other vehicles and pedestrians walk on this road. Locals blamed that a gang of goons had assaulted the people who were protesting against this, in front of the police.

As the protest against MRPL coke and sulphar unit has been intensified the coak which is produced here is being transported through the MRPL Cargo gate in Katipalla church road. The lorries are parked on both sides of the road waiting for loading. This has created prolems for local people. Hence locals of Bala, Katipalla had staged a protest after filing a complaint in the police station.

But the goons supporting the lorry drivers attacked the protesters in front of the police and police prefered to stay put as watchers said locals. It is alleged that the police department is acting like the puppets in the hands of coke transporters.

It is also alleged that the attackers are trying to distrub communal harmony in the region by assaulting the people based on thier religion. Locals have urged the police department to take stringent action against these miscreants and avoid any possible communal clash in the region.

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MRPL to acquire Rs 6,400cr petrochemical plants

Mangaluru: MRPL on Thursday said it will take over a USD 1 billion petrochemical plant adjacent to its refinery in an all share deal. MRPL had recently raised its stake in ONGC Mangalore Petrochemicals Ltd (OMPL), which is setting up an aromatic complex adjacent to the Mangalore Refinery at a cost of Rs 6,400 crore, to 51 percent.

It will now acquire remaining shares. "MRPL's Board has approved the integration /restructuring of ONGC Mangalore Petrochemicals Ltd (OMPL)," the company said in a statement here. OMPL is a greenfield petrochemical project at the Mangaluru Special Economic Zone, adjacent to MRPL's own 15 million tons a year refinery, and comprises an aromatic complex for production of Para-xylene and Benzene. It is to use naphtha produced at the Mangalore Refinery to make raw material for manufacture of Polyester. ONGC holds the remaining 49 percent in OMPL. The merger will be done through a share swap in the ratio of 100:513.

MRPL "will issue 100 full paid-up equity shares of Rs 10 each to the shareholders of OMPL for every 513 fully paid up equity shares of Rs 10 each held by them." ONGC currently holds 71.63 percent stake in MRPL which will rise to 74.26 percent after MRPL takesover OMPL. No shares will be allotted to MRPL in the capacity as a shareholder of OMPL as part of the amalgamation. Hindustan Petroleum Corp Ltd 's (HPCL) stake in MRPL will come down to 15.38 percent from 16.96 currently. Public shareholing would also fall to 10.36 percent from 11.41 percent currently.

MRPL Managing Director H Kumar said operation of the aromatic plant being integrated with the refinery will provide higher returns for stakeholders, adding value to refinery product streams and flexibility to refinery to optimize its margins. "We are really upbeat about this merger," he said. Since this scheme is between two government companies, it will have to be approved by the Union Ministry of Corporate Affairs. MRPL had in February raised its stake in OMPL to 51 percent from 3 percent in two tranches. It first raised the stake to 46 percent and then to 51 percent. Prior to that, ONGC held 46 percent and MRPL 3 percent in OMPL.

The balance 51 percent was yet to be allotted. After the acquisition, OMPL became a subsidiary of MRPL and a Government companies under the Companies Act. OMPL is jointly promoted by ONGC and MRPL for manufacturing 0.9 million tonnes per annum of paraxylene and 0.3 million tonnes of benzene from the aromatic streams of MRPL.

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Mangaluru-Bengaluru pipeline scares villagers

Mangaluru: Tension gripped village of Panjikallu in Bantwal Taluk near Mangaluru on Wednesday morning after residents noticed fuel leakage from the Mangaluru-Bengaluru pipeline.
Immediately, authorities concerned, including Petronet MHB Ltd., MRPL, fire and emergency services were informed. Residents claimed that though they noticed the leakage last night, authorities did not respond.

Petronet MHB Ltd., a joint venture of Petronet India, HPCL, ONGC and Banks, is on the job of identifying the leakage point and rectifying the same. Meanwhile, pumping has been stopped through the pipeline.
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Stone pelted at the staff of MRPL

Surathkal: in a quarrel about the construction of road in Mangaluru with the staff and the local people, incident of people pelting the stones at the staff of MRPL had happened.

The quarrel between the two teams had instigated the incident. The people of Jokatte area have raised objection for constructing separate road for Sulpher unit project. Since past few months the people are protesting against the route.

Stubborn people said that for any reason on earth they won’t let this road happen. But, the company has not given importance to their protest and has continued construction work. A quarrel arouse today while the two teams were discussing the matter.

As soon as the situation turned furious the police visited the spot and tried to scattered the public. Furious people pelted stones at the staff of MRPL.

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Polyprofeline Unit of MRPL Inaugurated

Mangaluru: International standard skill development center will be established in Mangaluru soon said Unoin Minister Dharmendra Pradhan. He was speaking at the inaugural function of MRPL oil manufacturing third unit project which was built spending 1800 crore rupees.
Currently SEZ, MRPL and other factories are there but still youth is hailing to Gulf nations.in order to give more job opportunities for the native people under PM’s ‘Make in India’ concept, 5 cities including Mangaluru will be developed.

In Sothern part of India demand is high for Polyprofilne. The current expansion of the unit is capable to fulfill the necessity of the city he said.

Youth minister Abhachandra Jain, MP Nalin Kumar, Petroleum Ministry secretary S.C.Kantiya, joint secretary Sandeep Pande and others were present.

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People fret and fume against Coke Sulpher Unit

Surathkal: People are anxious about the coke Sulpher Unit of MRPL and are protesting against the company. They are demanding to shut the unit.

Union minister Dahrmendra Paradhan has officially inaugurated the unit today. People protested against the unit.

Even though the public is protesting since several weeks, the management has not taken any response. The furious public demonstrated protest with black flags.

Police took the protestors in custody and then they were released later.
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Exploded Students at Jokatte: what did they say?

Surathkal: Coke powder is found in the plates of mid day meals. Can’t hear what teachers say in the classroom. If this persists what shall we do? - asked the students at Jokatte with fret and fumes. Their anxiety has a reason and that is MRPL.

The students accused the company and also showed their grief by protesting and blocking the road at Jokatte.

The student Maisha Sahara of Anjuman Primary School explained that they could see coke powder in their plates while eating their meals. Because of the loud noise the teacher is not audible in the classroom. Sulpher has a rotten smell which is suffocating. Health is getting upset day by day. She asked to shut the company and save the lives.

Mahammad of Jokatte high School said that because of the company no one can eat properly. It gives a feeling of nausea. Many friends vomited because of the rotten smell. This must be only corrected when the sulpher unit gets shut.

Muneer Katipalla spoke and said that at least government listens to the students plead of saving the environment.
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MRPL gets a warning from Pollution Control Board

Mangaluru: The Karnataka State Pollution Control Board (KSPCB) has directed Mangalore Refineries and Petrochemicals Ltd. (MRPL) to contain air and water pollution from its coke and sulphur plants, against which residents of Jokatte and surrounding areas have been holding a series of protests.

Board Chairman Vaman Acharya, who was in Mangaluru to attend an official event, told presspersons on Tuesday that the refinery has been asked to erect 20 ft tall wind breaking sheets on the periphery of the coke unit wherever there is possibility of the dust spreading to adjoining areas.

The Board has also asked the refinery not to resort to ‘open’ field production of similar products if it intends to do so in future.

Such production has to be done in closed sheds, Dr. Acharya said.

During rainy season, there are chances of the dust joining water bodies through rainwater.

The Board has, therefore, asked MRPL to construct required number of ponds to collect such water and filter it before letting out.

Having said all these, Dr. Acharya also claimed that the Board had not received any direct complaints from residents of the area, because of which the Board had not made any investigation into the actual quantum of pollution.

If the Board receives complaints, they would make suitable sample survey and take the necessary action, Dr. Acharya said.

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