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Music maestro Ilayaraja hospitalised for abdomen pain
China port blasts toll rises to 112; more than 90
Crossing into US illegally :68 Indians detained in Washington
Bannanje Raja brought to Udupi: Sent to 15 days police
Programme on organ and body donation held by United Christian
Robbers take away valuables and cash worth Rs. 70 lakh
Independence day celebrated with patriotic fervour and freedom spirit in
Three persons arrested in Maple store theft case
305 meter long Tricolour unveiled at Hampankatta on Independence day
69th Independence day celebrated in Nehru Maidan in Mangaluru

Karkal Purasabha closes dangerous open well near the road

Karkal: An open well near the road which would have been created trouble for the pedestrians and motorists is closed terminating the probable danger for the public. This could happen because of the report in the media.

The Purasabha of Karkal has filled the open well to avoid any unwanted incidents during the rainy season. But the PWD department is in deep sleep without caring for anybody.

During the Mastakabhishek, the PWD and Purasbha had the contract of development of roads like these. But both did not give much importance to the matter.

Unscientific road construction

The road constructed during the Mastakabhishek is unscientific. There are no dividers in Kariyakallu-Gomatabetta road. Even the drainage facility has not been done properly. That will result in rain water flowing on the roads. The accidents on these roads are high in numbers. The buses are violating the rules are creating trouble for the people in these areas.
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The tower buttress built for Mahamastakabhishekha will be removed

Karkala: The iron tower buttress made for the Bahubali Mastakabhishekha will be removed by the end of this month. The 5 storied 50 feet buttress was built for Mastakabhishekha conducted in January 21 to 31.

Since then several mastakabhishek were done to the idol and on May 10 the ritual came to end. Since last 5 months permission was given to people to clime the tower. Several pilgrims and devotees had paid the fees and had climbed the tower to touch the idol.

The buttress that witnessed the Mahamasatabhisheka of the millennium will be vacated soon.
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Special Mahamastakabhiseka at Karkal

Karkal: Special Mahamastakabhiseka commenced at gomaatabetta here in Karkal on Thursday morning.

With the guidance of Jain Math Sravanabelagola Charukeerthi Svastisri  Bhattaraka Dhavalakeerthi Pattacaryavarya Mahaswami and in the presence of 108 Shri Sacchidananda Sagara Muni Maharaj, the rituals commenced
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Aid form center to Mahamastakabhisheka and Atturu Shrine Festival was null: Gopal Bhandari

Karkala:For the mastakabhisheka commencing once in twelve years and for the festival of St. Laurence church central governments contribution was zero, said Ex-MLA Gopal Bhandari in a press conference at his office.

People were expecting huge amount of aid from the centere and are disappointed by the way center reacted.

State government released 15 crores to establish fundamental necessities during the program. He thanked CM Siddaramayya, Vinay Kumar Sorake, Ramanath Rai, Abhayachandra Jain, Veerappa Moili, U.T.Khader and Jayaprakash Hegde for their support and help.

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Day first ritual of Mahamastakabhishekha over

Karkala: First day Abhishekha of Bhagavan Bhahubali took over with grandeurs with every custom and ritual. Purohit of Neminatha Basadi Naga Indra performed the rituals.

Several dravyas were used in abhishekha of the lord. Jala, narikela(tender coconut), ksheera(milk), turmeric, sugarcane, rice flour, sandal, chandan, flowers and gold coins were used in first day’s abhishekha. By Mangalarathi, first day’s ritual came to an end.

Sarvesh and group sung song which took audiences to another world. People who has pass had the opportunity to grace the occasion directly. Others watched it trough LED screens.


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Panchavadya dedicated to Bhagvan Bahubali

Karkala:  Panchavadya automatic musical instrument is dedicated by Pushpawathi amma and her children to Bhagavan Bahubali on his gracious occasion of Mahamastakabhishekha.

Aruna M.N.Rajendra kumar witnessed the occasion.

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