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CPIM protest against water problem in Jappinamogaru
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Intercaste couple goes missing: Hindu outfits demand investigation
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Love failiar: Assistant officer of health centre commits suicide
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Conditional SR2,000 dole disbursement begins

MLA J R Lobo visits Kannur to inspect the busted pipeline work

Mangaluru: Two pipelines at Kannur burst two days ago, resulting in heavy loss of water.

The pipelines, each of 18 mgd capacity and connected to the Thumbay dam, burst on Saturday and flooded the whole area.

Mayor Jacintha Alfred along with MCC engineers and officials inspected the spot on Sunday and the repair work has already begun. One pipeline has been set right, while work on the other one is in progress. The water is being drained out.

MLA J R Lobo who visited the spot on Monday said the  reporters, "One pipeline has been repaired and work on another one is in progress. It will be fixed as soon as possible."

Regarding reason for the pipe burst, he said, "It is suspected that people in the adjacent land dumped red mud on the pipes, which led to increase the pressure and damaged the pipes." he said that he had given instructions to the corporation officials to take action against the owners of the land.

"Sixty percent of repair work is done  of one pipe, and the rest will be completed soon," he added.

Mayor Jacintha Alfred said, "The water pipes have been damaged and engineers and staff have been working hard from yesterday to repair them. The repair work will be over at the earliest."
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Illegal encroachment: complaint against KIDB and ISPRL

Surathkal: In his private land KIDB and ISPRL contractors have encroached illegally and had put pipeline as aresult Ravindra Hegde the owner of the land had filed a complaint against both these company in Surathkal police station and asked to take strict action on them.

Ravidra Hegde resident of Bejai, owns 3.67 acres of land in Bala. As he resides away from the land when he came to visit his land on 18 th he came to know that his land has been illegally encroached and the pipeline was put by ISPRL. There were more than 10 pipes in his land.

He immediately rushed into KIDB office to ask information about notice but he did not receive any information relating to this matter. He has accused the DC and the special land acquiring officer for this irresponsibility.

Surveyor has not followed the rules prevailing in the law to acquire the land and with fake documents, without giving notice, private lands are encroached to store the pipes. KIDB an ISPRL are illegally putting the pipeline in private lands.

The companies are facing legal trouble everywhere and now are dragging the government and the public to wrong route. In this manner they are creating fuss in implementing the project of the government. The people are likely to stage a protest against their goondagardi of acquiring the land without following the rules.

Surathkal police has registered a case.
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Awareness program on Padoor pipeline project

Surathkal: To give proper information about the Tokur-Padoor pipeline project a meeting was held at Bhajana mandir, for the people of Panja and Koikude village.

The awareness committee said that while doing the survey recently in lands belonged to farmers they were unaware the reason why the pipeline is establish in their land. Some people are given notice about the pipeline but while surveying, the lands of those who have not given notice also surveyed by the officers. 2000 rupees is sanctioned per cents for the affected land owners.

Chittranjan Bhandari giving information about the pipeline said that KIDB officials have thrown the rules and regulations set by the government while acquiring the land. The farmers have filed a objection in 2013. The officers then have submitted the report to the government but no meeting has been arranged between the farmers and the company. One sided decision has been taken illegally. Because of this pipeline people will face troubles in future he said.

Legal Advisor of the committee Jagdish P Rao said that survey has been done by retired officers who are above 70. Injustice is done to farmers. The survey must be done once again in a proper way. The land here is made for plants like coconut and areca nut. But because of this project farmers cannot grow plants like this. The pipeline which effects irrigation, water and road is illegal as the south canara land has ups and downs and hills.

They also demanded proper compensation and job guarantee for the members of the affected family who will lose their land because of this project.

The meeting was presided over by GP president Revati Shettigar. She said that no project will be finalized without people and representatives consent.

Panja And Koikude locality people were present at the meeting a committee was formed.

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ISPRL oil pipeline work held at Katipalla

Surathkal: People held the work of ISPRL pipeline that has to be stored in 18 acres of private land by contractors near Shri Mahaganapati Temple, Katipalla.

The reports have been shown that all the requirements for KAIDBI are complete and the land is acquired according to the rules. But the notice is not received by the owner of the land to whom the 18 acres belonged. The contractors showed the files saying that the notices have been received. But the panchayth said that no NOC is issued to anybody to dig the land for the pipeline.

Surveyar Shekhar Moily has come to the spot saying that the contractors have told him to store the pipes in the ground so have come to the spot said the workers. But Moily refused that he had said anything like that.

Without issuing notice lawfully, without taking the landlords into consideration, forcefully intruding into the property and troubling the farmers is not appreciable. The land acquired now is completely illegal and all new survey has to be done and compensation must be given and fundamental necessities must be fulfilled demanded the farmers.

Affected people due to this pipeline, Suresh Shetty, Bhoja Shetty, Prafullachandra Rai, Ravindra Shetty were present.
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An Awareness Meet on Tokuru-Padur ISRPL Pipeline

Surathkal:  About the Tokuru-Padur pipeline, an awareness meet was conducted at Soorinje Kote. Soorinje panchayth president Vineet Shetty presided over the meet. The inhabitants of Soorinje, Panja, Koikade Madya participated in the meet.

The Awareness committee legal adviser for the victims of Padur crude oil pipeline Jagadish P Bala and Bala panchayt ex President Chittaranjan Bhandari gave information. And Vineet Shetty and Bhoja Shetty gave guidance about the protest.

The consequences of the pipelines were carefully verified and discussed. They said that government must acquire the land according to the current bill passed by the central government. Huge protest will be demonstrated if the public is forced to give away their lands.  It was then decide that by getting information under RTI, protest will be planned. A committee was formed with the members of all the villages which will be affected by the project.

Suresh Panja, Razak, Prakash Shetty, Jagannath Shetty, Tukaram Shetty and Members of the committee were present.
  • Published in Surathkal

People protest against pipeline work in Padoor

Udupi: Locals of Padoor protested against the pipeline work to transport crude oil to the crude oil storage plant in Padoor.

The pipeline will pass through Mangaluru, Haleangady, Thokur,Kenchanakere, Balakunje, Karnire. The residents of all these regions have planned to protest against the pipeline. The people are enraged over the government for starting the work by keeping the people in dark.  

People opined that the work has been started in a hurry as the confusion over land acquisition bill is not cleared.    
  • Published in Udupi

Pipeline project in Padoor: villagers puzzled

Udupi: Crude oil storage plant which will be constructed in Padoor very soon. In oder to make a pipeline to the storage land acquiring procedure has already begun.

The pipeline from Mangaluru to Padoor will cover Haleyangadi, Tokoor, Kenchankere and Balkunje. The notice has been issued to the people. But the irony is people of Balkunje are in a state of confusion as they or the panchayath is not aware that whose land will be acquired exactly. In first stage which and survey number land will be acquired a copy of public notice is given to the respective gram panchayaths. The land acquisition officer has hand overed the copies.

But later for some reasons the pipeline route has been changed. New route map information must have been given to gram panchayat and by now identifying the land border must have been done. But nothing has been done yet. But many people of panchayat jurisdiction have received the notice.

Because of the irresponsibility of the officers, many mistakes are seen like the person who is not at all related is issued notice and his name is recommended for the compensation by the government. Whereas the real owner of the land has still not received any notice yet.

Land acquisition officers have visited the place once or twice but people have no proper information about the matter. The notice has not posted in registered form but in a normal post. Village accountant or authorized representatives issue these notice but no one is taken into consideration.
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400km pipeline between Cochin and MCF: Union minister Ananth Kumar

Puttur: Administrative measures have been taken by Union government to revive Mangaluru Chemical Fertilizer company. As Petro gas is important to manufacture fertilizer talks have been held with Kerala government and the state government has agreed to install the 400km pipe line from Cochin to New Mangalore said union minister for chemical and fertilizers, Ananth Kumar.

He was speaking after inaugurating the Krishi Yantra Mela in Puttur Vivekananda Engineering College jointly organized by Campco co operative society, Areca Research and Development Foundation, Vivekananda Enginnering college and Vivekananda Polytechnic college on Saturday January 24.

Discussion has been done with Kerala Chief Minister Omman Chandy regarding the installation of the pipe line. After discussing with his cabinet members Chandy has given green signal for the project Kumar said.  After the completion of installation of the pipeline Petro Park, a complex of Petro products will be possible in Mangaluru, he added.
  • Published in D.K.
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