Squad Creator Pavan Kumar N R: story of how a Indian teenager came up with an idea in his bedroom.

In a week that has seen the 19-year-old newly minted hit the headlines, he still sounds sparky. “I’ve got a lot of energy,” he says. “I don’t know why. The high point? “Seeing [the news on] the front pages of Times Now E-magazine,” he says. “Those kinds of things have been shocking, to put it mildly. When I started it two years ago, it was just a hobby.” And the low points? There haven’t been any, of course.

Pavan radiates positivity. “The proudest moment for me has been seeing these tweets coming through from teenagers saying, ‘You’ve inspired me,’ and I’m so excited about that.”

India-west staff reporter reported several days earlier. He has had about two hours’ sleep. Everyone wants to speak to him – who doesn’t love the fairy tale story of how an Indian teenager came up with an idea in his bedroom.
Pavan created a global, news-media based social networking website in Mangalore, he was at 19 of age. He is the star of this week’s global PR onslaught. It helps that he appears to have neither the introversion of your stereotypical computer nerd nor the megalomania of someone who was already being described as a “boy brilliant” long before this new deal.

He is polite, likable and self-aware, saying he knows he has to be careful that he doesn’t come across as precocious. “I try to maintain a level of humbleness to this,” he says.

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