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How to Grow Long Healthy Hair?

How to Grow Long Healthy Hair?
We all want long, healthy and super shiny hair just like the celebrities we see. You can achieve hair like them using few tools and products but it can damage your hair just to make it look pretty. Instead there are a few natural ways to get beautiful long hair. There is no magical way to grow your hair long overnight. What takes your hair to grow is some dedication and alot of patience. It is a slow process and eventually you’ll notice the change. It is also important to know that everyone’s hair is different and grow at a different speed. Here are some easy tips and tricks to grow your hair:

Avoid hot tools:

Try to avoid heat as much as possible. There is nothing worst for your hair than heat. Let your hair dry naturally after washing and limit the use of heat tools. Make sure to apply a heat protection product before using heat. Remember that every time you use heat, some damage is being done to your hair.


You might have refused to cut your hair just because it will get short and not grow. As your hair gets longer, its getting less healthy. Trimming just half a inch every month reduces split ends because as your hair grows its less healthy. To get healthy long hair , first you must remove all unhealthy bits. If you have split ends, get a trim because there is no other way to repair split ends.


Once you get rid of all the split ends, use a conditioner after shampoo to prevent split ends in future. Use a deep conditioner once every week. Oils are also good for your scalp and hair. Use any oil treatment to provide your hair with the nourishment it requires. You must start with healthy hair inorder to get healthy long hair. Healthy short hair is more beautiful than damaged long hair. The result is much healthy hair over all.

Eat right:

Unhealthy, weak and limp hair is a sign of poor diet. If your body isn’t getting enough nutrition, neither is your hair. How you treat your body has an effect on your hair and skin. Remember to include fresh fruits, vegetables and protein in your diet. Drink loads of water. If there is a need, multivitamins are also a great way to get all the necessary vitamins that your body require.

Use a wide tooth comb:

Avoid brushing your hair while its wet. You hair is more likely to get damaged when its wet. When shampooing, don’t rub the roots too hard because your hair will get weak. Also, don’t rub towel. Let it air dry. If your hair gets frizzy or tangled when you don’t brush it while its wet then its best to use a wide tooth comb. The best comb for your hair is a wooden comb.

Hair safe styles and accessories:

Never use rubber band or elastic hair ties that pull your hair. Avoid sharp hair accessories or pins. They will break your hair when you try to remove them. Use hair ties without the metal connector and accessories that are safe for your hair. It is believed that satin pillowcases prevent hair breakage and drying.

Don’t put your hair in styles that can break your hair. Back combing, tight ponytails and tiny braids pull your hair from the roots and make them weak. Remember that styles that pull all your hair and stress the roots are not easy to remove therefore they damage your hair.

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