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Tips for a safe and healthy Diwali

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Tips for a safe and healthy Diwali

Diwali is just around the corner and the festivities have already begun. Though it is hard to resist temptation amidst the revelry, most of us end up messing up our health.

We bring to you some important tips to remember while enjoying the festivities without compromising your health.

Read on to find out more.

-Keep up your exercise routine even during festive days-most gyms and fitness centers report a drastic drop in the number of people exercising during this time.

-Keep a check on your feasting and stick to small portion sizes

-Avoid snacking on fried foods and sweets

-Drink loads of water and don’t skip meals even if you feel that you have overindulged

-Include salads and fruits with your meals

-Diwali sweets are tempting in every sense, in appearance as well as taste. Just eat some. Never fill your tummy with them. It is neither advisable nor comfortable, diabetes nor no diabetes

- For eating as well as gifting sweets, avoid milk based ones like pedha and barfi. They cause the maximum number of food poisoning cases due to bacterial overgrowth. Go for laddus, chocolates and dry fruits instead

- Avoid sweets with silver coating. They are unhygienic as well as toxic

-Loose motions and abdominal cramps are quite common in this season. Mass produced food items are largely responsible for them. Preventive care is the best, but if diarrhea does occur, don’t swallow an antibiotic pill but go for oral rehydration solutions which can be bought without prescription. Go to a doctor if you think your condition doesn’t improve

-Avoid alcohol altogether. Diwali is certainly not the time to get sloshed. Top it up with drunken driving and you have the perfect prescription for a disaster

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