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Spellbinding: Kamal Haasan To Solve The Missing Case Of Malaysian Flight MH370?

Kamal Hasan is known for dishing out some unconventional movies. Some, so unconventional that it subsequently becomes almost impossible to complete it. Maruthanayagam for instance is a prime example and there are several other movies in that list. With Uttama Villain hitting the screens on April 10th and with films like Papanasam and Vishwaroopam 2 waiting in the wings to be released, speculations are rife about Kamal Haasan's upcoming film which might be based on the missing Malaysian flight, MH370.

The missing case of MH370 is one of the greatest aviation mystery till date and a film on it would truly be compelling if the project materializes. Few sources have also claimed that this film would be directed by Prabhu Deva and that it is for this film Kamal is eyeing on locations near Mauritius. However, there is no official confirmation on whether Ulaganayagan's location hunting in Mauritius is pertaining to the MH370 film.

Also, the fate of this exciting project could depend on the success of three waiting to be released Kamal films. Kamal Haasan is known for his perfectionism and hence a few years could be dedicated on researching about the disappeared flight which had 227 passengers on board if at all he decides to make a movie on it. Sources have also indicated that if the project takes shape, it will be made in Tamil and will also be released in Telugu and Hindi languages simultaneously. Stay tuned to make sure you don't miss any key information on the movie about the missing flight.

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MH370: Package found on Australian beach may help solve the mystery

An unwrapped towelette, bearing the Malaysia Airlines logo that washed up on an Australia beach, is being examined to determine whether it could have come from missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370.

The package was found by a couple Kingsley and Vicki Miller as they walked along the beach at the coastal town of Cervantes, Nine News reported.

They immediately sent it to police, who on Tuesday delivered it to the offices of the Joint Agency Coordination Centre (JACC) in Canberra.

Vicki Miller said the Malaysia Airlines logo was clearly visible on the packet.
The JACC said it is unlikely that the towelette would be conclusively linked to MH370.

Experts said it would be possible for the small package to travel long distances without being damaged.

Oceanographer professor Charitha Pattiaratchi of the University of Western Australia said debris from the flight could wash up on any beach from Cervantes to Esperance.

Cervantes beach is situated around 220 km from Fremantle and 1,850 km from the main search area in the Indian Ocean.

MH370 disappeared en route from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing on March 8, 2014 with 239 people on board.

A search for wreckage is underway in the Indian Ocean, but no sign of the plane or its passengers has yet been found.

Air searches have covered an area of more than 4.5 million sq km, while four ships are now carrying out a search of 60,000 sq km.

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It’s been one year since Malaysian flight vanished: Malaysian PM Najib Razak says search is on for MH370

It’s been one year since Malaysian flight vanished: Malaysian PM Najib Razak says search is on for MH370

Malaysia: Prime Minister Najib Razak said on Sunday Malaysia remains committed to the search for the missing MH370 jetliner a year after it vanished without trace and he is hopeful it will be found.

A team led by Malaysia with investigators from various countries including the United States, Britain, China, France and Australia is due to release an interim statement on their inquiry into the cause of the disappearance on Sunday.

The Malaysia Airlines Boeing 777-200 disappeared on a flight from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing with 227 passengers and 12 crew on board. It has become one of the greatest mysteries in aviation history.

"The disappearance of MH370 is without precedent, and so too is the search - by far the most complex and technically challenging in aviation history," Najib said in a statement.

"Together with our international partners, we have followed the little evidence that exists. Malaysia remains committed to the search, and hopeful that MH370 will be found," he said.

Investigators believe the plane was flown thousands of miles off course before eventually crashing into the Indian Ocean.

Some of the relatives of those on board have been holding vigils this weekend to mark the anniversary.

China's foreign minister said on Sunday the search for the aircraft would not stop and his government would keep providing whatever help it could to relatives of those on board.

Australia's deputy prime minister said recently the search could not go on forever, and discussions were under way between Australia, China and Malaysia as to whether to call off it off soon.

Malaysia declared the disappearance of the flight an accident in January, clearing the way for the airline to pay compensation to victims' relatives, but insisted that the search for the jetliner would go on.

In a separate statement, Malaysia Airlines said it held a private gathering to remember the 13 employees lost when flight MH370 disappeared.

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MH370 search to continue, says Malaysia

MH370 search to continue, says Malaysia

Malaysia said on Friday that the search for the Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 that disappeared in March last year with 239 people on board will continue.

“So far, over 26,000 sq km of the seafloor, or over 40 percent of the total priority zone, have been searched for the missing Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370,” said Malaysian Transport Minister Liow Tiong Lai, according to a Xinhua report.

The search vessels have been focussing on a 60,000 sq km priority zone, with the hunt scheduled to end in May.

Asked if the search for the jet would end after the entire priority zone was scoured, Liow said: “It totally depends on the conclusion of the experts, including those involved in the investigation of the incident.”

He said Malaysia had already spent about 60 million ringgit (about $18 million) on the search, which is also funded by Australia and supported by China.

The minister said that weather condition in the south Indian Ocean was comparatively good now and one more ship from Malaysia was expected to join the search operations.

The Malaysia Airlines jet disappeared enroute from Kuala Lumpur for Beijing on March 8, 2014.

So far no trace of either the plane’s debris or bodies of the people on board has been found despite the massive surface and underwater hunt.

The search is jointly carried out by Australia, Malaysia and China in the Indian Ocean some 1,600 km off Australia’s west coast, with four ships using sophisticated sonar systems to scour a huge underwater area.

Earlier, the Malaysian government had declared that the plane had met with an accident and all the people on board were presumed dead.
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