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BHP by Congress proved politics is all about religion

  • Written by Sushmith
  • Published in People
BHP by Congress proved politics is all about religion
Politics or politicians are here to respond to the grievances of the society. We elect them make them our representatives in a hope that they will make changes in the society in a positive way. Too often we come across with situations when politics has been proved that politics is all about exploiting people’s religious emotions but we were optimistic and voted in every election. But the formation of BHP-Bharatiya Hindu Parishat by congrees, the grand old party of India which always boasted to be a secular party has clearly proved that politics all about religion.

Raise of Narednra Modi and anti incumbency against congress government was the reason behind the pathetic defeat of the party in all the elections that were held after Lok sabha election in 2014. Narednra Modi reigned as Prime Minister of India. People noticed new hope in his leadership comparing to his predecessor Manmohan Singh. The Modi waved continued in the country and Congress was swept away in all part of the nation in the elections. Does that mean BJP or Narendra Modi  won only because they were right wing supporters?

Why Congres thought that there is need to form a Hindu parishat? Is this not dividing the people on religious basis?

People of India don’t want to fight in the name of religion. They only want is development and whichever government meets their need will be voted to power. Formation of Hindu parishat is a clear sign that Congress was following anti Hindu policies before. Otherwise they wouldn’t have thought of forming a BHP.

When a party or a person get defeated, he will think  about what went wrong. Similarly when Congress leaders gathered to review about their defeat they might have struck with the fact ‘Oh God! we were using anti Hindu tactics, this is the reason for our debacle. It had worked in earlier elections but it’s an outdated formula. So we need to woo Hindus now’.

Whoever is forming the BHP is doing more damage to the party. Congress will lose confidence of the minority community in this process. Above all nation has thousands of social problems to deal with. Religious problems emerge only if somebody scrabble it. Everybody wants a peaceful life. Middle class people don’t want to fall into the pit of religious fights. All the communal conflicts happening in India are nurtured by religious outfits and politicians. The formation of BHP will add on to these religious organizations.

The politicians are not at all worried about the problems of the people. If they did they wouldn’t have formed another organization, but they would have done good to the people, regained the confidence of the people and waited patiently for five years for Modi era to end and jumped into the election with the certificate of their good works. But very sadly I have to say, Congress has chosen the other way, it chose to form an religion based organisation and tell the Hindus,`Look all Hindus we have formed an organizations for your safety. Now we do care about. Vote for us in the next election’. Who should we pity on, the politicians or ourselves?

- By Manthan Bangera

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