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Speed, central locking system and the youth

  • Written by Sushmith
  • Published in People
They were happy in their own world. As they were neighbours they developed closeness which soon turned into love. They used take rounds of the city in the car every now and then. On Tuesday also the boy took the keys of his relative’s Hyundai i20 car and drew with the girl, but this time their journey became their last.

This is the tragic story of Thousheel, a student of Sahyadri college in Adyar and Praneetha Suvarna from Karwar.

The young pair met with a tragic death on Tuesday after their car plunged into the sea near Tannirbavi.  The over speed was blamed for the accident.

Indeed Thousheel was driving the car recklessly. He had no clue what was waiting for him ahead. Speed has become one of the passions of youth today. Be it a bike or car youth just want to drive it like an aeroplane. Increasing number of bike accidents and death of teenagers determines this point.

So many different modern cars are available in the market. Once inside the car, the youth doesn’t bother about speedo meter. Tannerbavi is one of the hot spot for the speedsters of Mangaluru. Bike wheeling, car dragging and many other stunts c can be seen on everyday basis in this region. Especially the college students indulge in bike stunts. These stunts not only pose danger to their lives but also to the people who come into this place in the early morning or late evening for jogging. Many lives in the past have been claimed by these roads. Yet the administration has not taken the issue seriously.

Second thing is the centre locking system. The technology has developed so much but it carries its drawbacks with it. The centre locking system in luxury cars is proving to be a bane for many lives. If a car plunges into a water body in ordinary locking system one can swiftly come out of the vehicle and swim to the shore. But in centre locking system there is no chance to do that. The central locked doors cannot be opened by any other way. As soon as the car plunges into the water body one cannot open the door as the electrical circuit in the vehicle damage due to short circuit. As a result the occupants of the car get trapped inside the car and die due to suffocation.

In Thousheel-Praneetha incident also central locking system had prevented them from coming out of the car and the couple met a tragic end. But blaming only central locking system is not an excuse for the reckless driving.

One should always keep in mind that someone is waiting for him at home. Not only that he should also assure that his mistake doesn’t take lives of other innocent people walking on the road. 



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