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Aruna Shanubaug, raped but never raped on records

  • Written by Sushmith
  • Published in People
She was sodomised and left to die in the pool of blood. But she survived for long 42 years lying on the bed of King Edward Memorial hospital.

Aruna Shanubaug was only 25 when she was brutally raped by the warden of the same hospital. The reason he raped her was to teach her a lesson as she used to complain about him with the hospital administration. Sohanlal Walmiki used to steal the dog food. Aruna had many times warned him not to do so but Walmiki continued his robbery.

He was waiting for the right time to attack Aruna and one fateful day he did so. Sohanlala tried to rape Aruna but as she was menstruating he sodomised her. Before doing so he had strangulated her with a dog chain which stopped oxygen supply to the brain.

The brutal act came to light only on the next day. But by then Aruna had already gone into coma state, the dog chain had damaged her nerves connecting the eye, which made her blind.

The incident happened in 1973, November 27. Aruna died few days ago after suffering the agony for 42 long years. But what about the person who made her life a hell?

Ironically, rumours has it that Sohanlal led a common man’s life after releasing from the jail. He changed his identity and worked in a Delhi hospital as ward boy.

Sohanlal was convicted with attempt to murder and theft charges. As hospital authority never admitted or filed a case of rape on her. The hospital authority afraid that the revealation of rape might tarnish her reputation.

No one knows about the whereabouts of Sohanlal. But the police are planning to file a case of murder on him after the death of Aruna Shanubaug. But what most shocking is neither hospital nor police has a single photo of the culprit who has committed a heinous crime.

Finally Aruna has been relieved from her pain. But our society hasn’t been freed from vindictive rapes. Even today revenge is the major cause of rape on women.

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