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Maggi row: How lead can harm your children

  • Written by Sushmith
  • Published in People
Nestle has withdrawn Maggi from Indian market after high level of lead and MSG found in the noodles which was once boasted as the healthy food for children. But to the shock of Maggi noodle lovers the as per tests the lead level in Maggi is much higher that is 17.2% parts per million (PPM) whereas the tolerance level for lead stands at 2.5 ppm.

However Maggi noodle is not only the favourite food of children but also it was liked by parents as it was too easy to prepare. Some parents still don’t understand why Maggi was banned. For them here is the detail about what destruction can high consumption of lead could cause to your child’s health.

The effect of consumption of lead begins from the mother’s womb. If pregnant woman consumes more lead containing food, there is a danger of miscarriage, still-birth, premature birth, low birth weight and malformations in the baby.

Lead poisoning harms the two most important organs in the body: the brain and heart. Lead affects the development of the brain and the nervous system. Severe lead poisoning in children can cause mental retardation and behavioural disruptions. Lead also increases the risk of high blood pressure.

WHO has said that lead gets stored in the teeth and bones after consumption, which causes decay in the teeth and weakening of the bones.

After being consumed, lead is distributed to the kidney and liver. Lead is known to cause renal impairment in the body. Lead also reduces the number of functioning liver cells which leads to accumulation of toxins in the liver and bloodstream.

These are some of the health risks that are caused due to intake of lead. Children are being vulnerable to health related risks the chances of them being the victims of these unhealthy foods. Next time make sure that your child doesn’t insist for a Maggi noodles when you go out for shopping.


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