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Ramzan special: Namaz in front of melting ice

  • Written by Sushmith
  • Published in People
Everything has a positive and a negative faces. For instance, cow. It grazes everywhere, pees wherever it wants etc. But it has some good qualities also it gives milk, becomes food etc. Similarly Ramzan too has two faces. It gives hungriness, thirst, makes man physically weak but it also makes one feel about the starvation and thirst of other people and gives us knowledge about the life of the poor people. Not only that Ramzan has a third face too, that is of spirituality.

Ramzan connects starvation with spirituality. Ramzan teaches the lesson that Almghty Allah likes experiencing the hunger and thirst of other people and who feel for others plight. That is what makes Ramzan stand out of all our positive and negative debates.

The modern technologies have influenced so much so that it controls us. For searching there is Google, for messaging there is Whatsapp. For friendship there is Facebook  and to know the world there are web portals. How to laugh, walk, talk, wish, body language while talking, dressing….. Google will tell you everything.  

The technologies have made searching easy for man. It has broadened the space of selection. But there are some contraries. It has diminished the values. A child which can speak for an hour about Obama, Stephen Hawkins or Mark Zuckerberg lacks information about its uncle, aunt or any other relatives.

The importance of people like uncle, aunty, granny, family traditions, the relation between them, emotional feelings are lost in the modern child of technology. Be it father’s brother, or mother’s, be it in laws or other relatives the modern day child has one common word for them all Aunty and Uncle.

One side there is technology which is growing in a high speed and on the other there is relations which is melting fast like an ice.  The world is suffering as it is tackled between these two ends. We have accepted the fast growing technology at the same time we lament about fading relationships. Ramzan is a solution for this problem. Its gives call to unite and respect the human relations even after accepting the technology.  It connects the relationships with spirituality.

It gives moral preachings to the hands which searches Google. It tells what to search and why in the searching world. That is why Ramzan is important to us.  It should be an alarming bell to wake us up about melting values and family relationships. It should inspire to think, feel and mingle with our uncles and aunts who are not available in Google. Melting is the natural character of the ice, but ours should be constructing.

A.K Kukkila


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