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Party has appointed observes to keep an eye on BHP

Mangaluru: Observes have been appointed to watch the movements of Bharatiya Hindu Parishat (BHP) by state Congress said G. Parameshwar, President of Karnataka Pradesh Congress Committee (KPCC) on Monday February 9.

The party would take necessary action against the Parishat after going through the reports from the observers, he added. BHP was formed by recently ousted congress president of Puttur block, Kavu Hemanath Shetty.

The state Congress leader, said that the Congress party has mounted a close watch on the activities of the BHP to ensure that the new organization would not dent the communal fabric of society. “Swift action will be taken after considering the reports of the Congress volunteers deployed for the job, if the BHP jumps secular ideology of the party”, he reiterated.

Answering to the question about increased communal vialence in the state Parameshwar said, the government was committed to take stringent actions against miscreants disrupting peace. Police has been given full power to take action against the law breakers. He also stated that the government is not scared about arresting RSS leader Kalladka Prabhakar Bhat but that will be done only when the time comes.

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You have degraded the values of the party: Poojary lashes out Hemanath Shetty

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Hemanth Shetty lashes out at Janardhan Poojary for his ouster

Hemanth Shetty lashes out at Janardhan Poojary for his ouster

Mangaluru: As advocate Fazal Raheem is being appointed as the new President of Puttur block congress, replacing Kavu Hemanth Shetty, the latter lashed out at party senior leader Janardhan Poojary on Saturday January 31 at a pressmeet.

Shetty called Janardhan Poojary as a joker and accused him of dividing the people of the district on cast basis. He also accused Shakunthala Shetty for having hand in his ouster.

Hemanth Shetty had formed a non political outfit Bharatiya Hindu Parishat to counter Vishwa Hindu Parishat. This has lead to differences within the party leaders. Poojary has expressed his dissent over forming BHP.

Meanwhile Presidents of other block congress units have rendered their resignation to the district congress president in support of Hemanth Shetty.
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Founder of BHP sacked from Congress party post

Mangaluru: Karnataka Pradesh Congress Committee (KPCC) has issued an order to sack Puttur block president Hemanth Shetty. Besides, the notification also states the appointment of Fazal Raheem as the new president.

It’s learnt that Mr. Shetty will however, continue to be a congress party worker. 

Hemanth Shetty, who was holding the post of president for over eight years in Puttur had recently floated a pro-Hindu organization named, ‘Bharatiya Hindu Parishad’ (BHP) to counter BJP’s Hindutva agenda and to retain Hindu party workers of Congress.

Earlier, the formation of new organization drew severe criticism from a section of Congress leader including former Union Minister B. Janardhana Poojary and district in-charge minister B. Ramanath Rai. The congress leaders reiterated that the party is secular and condemned any such organization in the congress. 

However, Mr. Shetty had claimed that he formed the organization in his personal capacity and has nothing to do with the congress party. 

On Saturday, the KPCC ordered to sack Hemanth Shetty and appoint Mr. Raheem, whose name (Raheem) was making rounds for the post even before Mr. Shetty had floated a pro-Hindu organization.

According to the reports, KPCC came to the conclusion, after holding a series of meeting with senior congress leaders including Digvijay Singh, who is a general secretary of AICC.

Reacting to the KPCC’s order, Mr. Shetty told newskarnataka.com that he has committed no wrong. Floating a religious organization is not necessarily for communal purposes. I am a secular person, he said.

Mr. Shetty also said that he would rather give more time to the organization and push it to the state level. “I have received a lot of support from the congress leaders. I will work to strengthen the organization”, he added.
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BHP is against congress principles: Janardhan Poojary

Mangaluru: Formation of Bharatiya Hindu Parishat by the congress leaders has irked former union minister and veteran Congress leader B Janardhan Poojary. He strongly condemned the act of Puttur congress leaders of establishing BHP. He also urged the high command to take stern action against the leaders who started the organisation.

 Speaking in a pressmeet on Thursday January 15 Janardan Poojary said, Congress is a secular party. Starting BHP is anti party activity. It is against constitution. The principles of congress party will be affected by this development.

Strongly criticizing the founders of BHP, Poojary said, there is no need to start an organisation while serving in the party. If they want to do so they can resign to the party membership and start their own organisation. Now there is no difference between BHP, BJP and VHP, he said.

Poojary attacked Modi government for its recent land ordinance and said, union government is all set to bury the farmers alive. Congress while in the power had introduced land ordinance. But Modi government has made some changes in the ordinance and forced it on the farmers. Poojary also accused Modi of being capitalist’s Prime minister.

Kallige Taranath Shetty, Harikrishna Bantwal and others were present.

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The rise of Bharatiya Hindu Parishat in Puttur

Putthur: In a desperate attempt to woe the upper caste Hindus and dispel its Ahinda image congress has started Bharatiya Hindu Parishat (BHP).

The official launch of the first ever Hindu outfit by the congress was held at town hall here on January 14, Wednesday in the presence of seers from various mutts and many other dignities. The BHP is said to be the answer to Vishwa Hindu Parishat.

Puttur is labelled as the work shop of Hindu outfits. Puttur has witnessed many political high dramas and religious conflicts as well. It is said to be the fort of BJP. By inaugurating BHP in Puttur congress has decided to start its pro Hindu campaign has decided to loosen the strong hold of BJP from this region.

Kavu Hemanath Shetty, leader of Puttur block congress is behind the rise of BHP. As the high command was thinking about finding a solution to dispel its anti Hindu image, Kavu Hemanath Shetty decided to form an organisation and named it BHP. However he clarified that the party has nothing to do with the organisation. It is an independent organisation he had said.

Speaking on the occasion of inauguration of BHP, Hemanath Shetty said, protecting the religion is every individuals prime responsibility. BHP will spread in across the district within six months. There is no base in allegations that I want to join BJP, he clarified.

Many seers from various mutts were present on this occasion, although none of the frontline leaders were seen during the inauguration. It is said that the congress leaders are distancing themselves from the newly formed Hindu outfit.
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BHP by Congress proved politics is all about religion

Politics or politicians are here to respond to the grievances of the society. We elect them make them our representatives in a hope that they will make changes in the society in a positive way. Too often we come across with situations when politics has been proved that politics is all about exploiting people’s religious emotions but we were optimistic and voted in every election. But the formation of BHP-Bharatiya Hindu Parishat by congrees, the grand old party of India which always boasted to be a secular party has clearly proved that politics all about religion.

Raise of Narednra Modi and anti incumbency against congress government was the reason behind the pathetic defeat of the party in all the elections that were held after Lok sabha election in 2014. Narednra Modi reigned as Prime Minister of India. People noticed new hope in his leadership comparing to his predecessor Manmohan Singh. The Modi waved continued in the country and Congress was swept away in all part of the nation in the elections. Does that mean BJP or Narendra Modi  won only because they were right wing supporters?

Why Congres thought that there is need to form a Hindu parishat? Is this not dividing the people on religious basis?

People of India don’t want to fight in the name of religion. They only want is development and whichever government meets their need will be voted to power. Formation of Hindu parishat is a clear sign that Congress was following anti Hindu policies before. Otherwise they wouldn’t have thought of forming a BHP.

When a party or a person get defeated, he will think  about what went wrong. Similarly when Congress leaders gathered to review about their defeat they might have struck with the fact ‘Oh God! we were using anti Hindu tactics, this is the reason for our debacle. It had worked in earlier elections but it’s an outdated formula. So we need to woo Hindus now’.

Whoever is forming the BHP is doing more damage to the party. Congress will lose confidence of the minority community in this process. Above all nation has thousands of social problems to deal with. Religious problems emerge only if somebody scrabble it. Everybody wants a peaceful life. Middle class people don’t want to fall into the pit of religious fights. All the communal conflicts happening in India are nurtured by religious outfits and politicians. The formation of BHP will add on to these religious organizations.

The politicians are not at all worried about the problems of the people. If they did they wouldn’t have formed another organization, but they would have done good to the people, regained the confidence of the people and waited patiently for five years for Modi era to end and jumped into the election with the certificate of their good works. But very sadly I have to say, Congress has chosen the other way, it chose to form an religion based organisation and tell the Hindus,`Look all Hindus we have formed an organizations for your safety. Now we do care about. Vote for us in the next election’. Who should we pity on, the politicians or ourselves?

- By Manthan Bangera
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