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AAP in news, but for wrong reasons

AAP in news, but for wrong reasons

After creating sensation in Delhi election with tremendous victory, the onus was on Kejrival to keep the party on news with its people friendly works. But rather than the delivery of its poll promises, what has ensured that the party dominates headlines is  one-sided mutiny against two of AAP's founder leaders; and the twin blows of a former party MLA accusing Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal of trying to poach six Congress MLAs  and the exit of the party's  prominent Mumbai face Anjali Damania.

On Wednesday, the chorus of dissent within the party reached its crescendo when Anjali Damania, AAP’s Maharashtra convener announced on Twitter that she was leaving the party.

She had tweeted  “I quit. I have not come into AAP for this nonsense. I believed him. I backed Arvind for principles not horse-trading,” after posting a link to an India TV news report in which Kejriwal was allegedly seeking the support of Congress MLAs to form a government in Delhi. While AAP has dismissed the  the audio, saying it was an attempt to defame the party, the tape released by former MLA Rajesh Garg does allegedly show Kejriwal in conversation with him and planning the horse-trading of six Congress MLAs into AAP.

This was followed by sidelined senior leaders Yogendra Yadav and Prashant Bhushan writing an open letter to party volunteers accusing Kejriwal of trying to align with the Congress for government formation.  The duo also denied any move by them to evict Kejriwal as the national convener of the party.

Damania's exit comes at a time when the signature campaign against Prashant Bhushan and Yogendra Yadav by all the AAP MLAs - reportedly a lot of them forced to sign on blank papers by party leaders — could culminate in the expulsion of the two leaders. It won’t lead to a split because the two are almost isolated and the tyranny that has taken over the party is not essentially that of Arvind Kejriwal, but that of its powerful Delhi lobby.


So what one is witnessing in the capital is more of a shakeout than a shakeup. The Delhi leaders want to consolidate and take control of the party because what they are part of now is the dirty game of politics and consolidation of power. The days of lofty ideals, however discursive there were, and suave appearances are over, now is the time to establish authority and perpetuate power.

Not that Yadav and Bhushan are outsiders to Delhi, but certainly they don’t fit the profile of most of the Delhi leaders, or their supporters. The duo are strong votaries of participative democracy, civil and human rights, and equality. Ideology precedes their civil and political activism and AAP, they perhaps thought, would be a vehicle to pursue their political purpose because Kejriwal too appeared to be on the same page. The trio — two ideologues and one disruptive activist — seemed tailor-made to create a new politics in the country.

But the politics of bourgeoisie democracy intervened and now they have to pay the essential price. For the Delhi leaders, the result in Delhi, whether it has gone to their heads or not, is the fruit of their hard work. AAP is a Delhi-grown phenomenon and they don’t want to part the glory with anybody else. The issues that the party raised, the demographics of its support and the way it was born and nurtured were unique to Delhi. They don’t see it as a pilot of alliterate politics in India. In fact none of them, not even Ashish Khaitan or Ashutosh speak on national politics these days.

The vision of Bhushan and Yadav contrasts with their possessive Delhi comrades. They always thought pan-Indian and the contest in Delhi as an experiment for scale up across India. They were the only AAP leaders who travelled across India, other than Kejriwal making public speeches, to oversee the organisational arrangements of the party during the Lok Sabha elections and strongly believed in a rapid scale up. However, their trial failed and attracted rebuke from all quarters. It failed to impress in Delhi and some even wrote the AAP off as a flash in the pan.

But, it was the indomitable local spirit that brought the party back. And this time, they want to consolidate and take control of the party. Whether Kejriwal is a wilfull participant or not, he wouldn’t have a choice. He will be their captive. They want him as the mascot and he cannot survive without him.

Politically this is fine. Its’ a working model and its sponsors seem to be happy about it. But the flip-side of this parochial possessiveness is that AAP will get limited to Delhi. The signs of such a localisation is all too visible. Local leaders such as Mayank Gandhi (Maharashtra) have spoken out against the leadership and in other states the organisational machinery that volunteers had set up for the Lok Sabha elections are in tatters. The AAP is virtually non-existent outside Delhi, except in Haryana and Punjab. With the exit of Bhushan and Yadav, the chances of AAP becoming a Delhi party are very high. Kejriwal will not have a choice. As he gets burdened by his own poll-promises, he won’t have time for anything else. And there is not a single leader in the Delhi caucus who can take the campaign to other parts of India.

This was sure to happen because from their days of civil society disobedience and resistance and a dream of clean politics, what these leaders, including Arvind Kejriwal, had walked into was India’s bourgeoisie democracy — it’s difficult to escape its traps. If the most idealistic Congress and the Communists could fail its test, the AAP will be no exception.

Now the less important question. Will their exit weaken the party? In terms of practical politics, it won’t because that’s what history has taught us. Big guns had left or had been made redundant by the Congress from time to time. Similarly, the CPM always expelled veteran leaders and has moved on.

The AAP too will do the same. But what it will do in the process will be reducing its grand vision of alternative politics in the country to being in power in Delhi. The AAP has failed its first test; it will fail in the other tests too.

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Pessimism about India has been diminished after Modi took charge as PM said Nalin Kumar.

Bantwal:  The government of state is dormant and people of the state and karyakartas of BJP must work hard to get this government out in the forthcoming vidhansabha elections said MP Nalin kumar kateel at  B.C.Road.

He was addressing the karyakarta samavesh at  Geetanjali  Kalyan Mantap, B.C.Road on Tuesday where he inaugurated  Vidhansabha block’s active members conclave.

No Development can be seen in the state by the government lead by Siddarammayya. People have realized it. Increasing crime reports witnesss’ law and order is at its lowest state he accused.

It is happy to know that youth is showing intrest in getting membership for BJP. Pessimism about India has been diminished after Modi took charge as PM said Nalin Kumar.  

Dist.BJP pres. Pratapsimha Nayak said we are aiming to get 4lack memberships in the district. It can only be possible if the karyakartas work hard and harder with dedication.

Dist.BJP secretary Sanjeeva Matanduru and Zillah panchayat mem Channappa Kotain gave information about membership registration activities taken.

Kanyana gram panchayat Pres. Raghuram Shetty presided the meet.

BJP State vice-president Sulochana Bhat, Chiefs Rajesh Naik, Devdas Shetty, Capt.Brijesh, Dinesh Amturu were present.

Committee secretary Ramdas welcomed the gathering.

Vice president Taniyappa acknowledged and Tq.panchayat member Shambu masterd the crowd.





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A conclave for congress Karyakartas at Bantwal: addressed by B.Ramanth Rai

A conclave for congress Karyakartas at Bantwal: addressed by B.Ramanth Rai

Bantwal: Central government rule of BJP believes in gimmicks. Allegations and accusations its birth marks accused Congress president of south canara dist B.Ramanath Rai addressing the karyakartas of congress in a conclave held at Lions Seva Mandir in B.C.Road on Monday.

He said that BJP wants a congress muktha bharat but congress must give an answer by holding highest number of memberships.

During the rule of UPA govt, MLA Sunil Kumar Spoke against Tiger Project But where is he now when their own central government is proposing the project. BJP is only making people go against congress.

Trying to defame congress buy talking about Black money, Boforce, Adhar, Areca ban etc. these are only gimmicks used against congress nothing else he said.

He asked all the karyakartas to make south canara number one in state in congress’s membership registration. Also said that karyakartas and leader of congress must not forget what the party has given to them. They must always acknowledge its support to them. It’s because of peoples love that he is elected 6 times in a row he said.

He whispered to be prepared for the forthcoming grampanchayat elections in April-May to win all the grampanchayats for better governance.

Zillah panchayat member Mamata Gatti said we would not allow building a temple for  Nathoram Godse  the assassin of Rastrapita Mahatma Gandhi in any which way.

Zillah panchayat member Chandraprakash Shetty, M. S.Mohammad Bantwal, Block congress Pres. Mailappa Salian, Panemangaluru block congress Pres. Haida Suresh, Party chiefs Piyus Rodrigues, Sanjeeva Pujari, Sudarshan  Jain, women’ congress members Hemalata and  Dhanalaxmi ,

Youth congress member Prashant Kulal was present.

P- block congress president Abbas ali welcomed and  Jagadish Koila Mastered the crowd.


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Unity can bring success: George D’souza

Karkala: Through unity one can get success in all works and especially when it comes to holy festivals, support and help of people from various classes and castes are required said George D’souza,  Priest of Saint Laurence Church Atturu  in a meet held  previous day of Annual festival at Sauharda Bhavan Atturu.

Secretary of the church Santhosh De’silva said that maximum number of devotees come from all over the part from country as well as from foreign. This year more people are expected to come. About 60 toilets have been built and he thanked all the workers who helped to get this work done.

Station officer spoke and said that enough facility would be given to pilgrims and devotees. C.C cameras should be installed for proper security. Parking facility and shop arrangements must be dealt separately he said.

Nitte gram panchayat president Diwakar Shetty, Vice –president Shailaja, Zillah panchayat member Supreet Shetty, Tq-panchayat member Praveen Salian,  Vive-president of the church Richard Pinto and
officers from various departments were present.





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Inauguration of religious festival held at Bantwal.

Bantwal: Yakshagana is helping society in good manner said Parama poojya shri shri Keshavananda Mahaswamiji of Yadaneeru matt at the inaugural function.

He spoke on the occasion of inauguaration of religious festival and yakshotsava conducted by Gopal Krishna Vishwasta committee Kanakagiri Manchi.

President of Karnataka Bank Anantha Krishna said that these days less moral can be seen amongst people but through yakshagana we can overcome and spread morals in the society.

Zillah panchayat president Asha Timmappa, Akhila Karnataka Bramin Parishat President an advocate K.Ramesh Upadyaya, H.Seetarama Shetty, Lakshman Manchi,Bhavani Shankar, Kaiyur Ramesh were in attendance.

Anchorman of the function Kayyur Narayana Bhat welcomed the guests and Tirumalesh Kayyur proposed vote of thanks.

Vedoddarana yakshagana followed the function later.
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Personality development information camp at Bantwal

Bantwal: A joint venture by Mangaluru Central daily wagers protection association, D.K.  Dist. Photographer’s association, Pilatabettu Co-op.Bank, Yakshgana Committee Pelatta katte, Mangaluru Grama vikasa charitable trust Punjalkatte, Swastik friends club conducted a two days camp on personality development  information camp at Bantwal.

Navodaya  swasahaya group motivator Prameela Nerari spoke about importance of swasahaya groups,

Savings and loan facilities.

Umesh Nirmal put light on children’s rights and laws.

Central  daily wagers  education officer  Sathish  beam about the importance of unions.

Life insurance agent Harish gave information about savings and insurances.

At the valedictory of the camp Zillah panchayat  vice president M.Tungappa Bangera uttered that unions give strength to all and specially if women get united then they can help both family and society.

Manjappa Moolya manager of Pilatabettu co-op.bank, President of D.K. Photographers association Anand.N. Bantwal, Honorary president Dayanand ,Pelattabettu Yakshagana committee president Jayarama Naika Ninyaru were at hand.

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Pak boat that exploded was carrying suspected terrorists: Defence Minister

NEW DELHI:  'They were suspected terrorists as they committed suicide. The route taken by the boat was not normal, even the smugglers take the busy route so that they can mingle with other boats,' Manohar Parrikar said.

  Attempting to lay to rest the controversy and speculation over the ‘Pakistani terror boat’ that blew itself up off the Gujarat after being chased by the Coast Guard on the intervening night of Dec 31 and Jan 1, Union Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar said on Monday, "I think they were suspected terrorists, as they committed suicide. A normal boat even carrying drugs can surrender. The Coast Guard has done the right job at the right time based on intelligence inputs. The route taken by the boat was not normal, even the smugglers normally take the busy route so that they can mingle with other boats."

Parrikar was addressing the media in New Delhi this morning. "The boat was laden with explosives and could have damaged the Coast Guard vessel," he added.

Parrikar also said that there was another Pakistani boat, but in international waters 

The suspicious Pakistani fishing boat exploded into a ball of fire off the Gujarat coast and sank after it was intercepted by the Coast Guard, the government said last Friday.

The dramatic incident took place on the night of Dec 31-Jan 1, and the Coast Guard's Deputy Director General K.R. Nautiyal said he suspected "something serious".

He told the media that the boat first tried to get away after a Coast Guard ship asked it to halt for a check of its crew and goods. After six hours, it switched off its lights early Thursday just inside the Indian waters.

The crew members, four of whom were spotted, then went to the deck below. It then blew up, indicating it may have been carrying explosives.

A defence ministry statement had said the Pakistani boat, which had set off from near Karachi, Pakistan's southern port city, was planning "some illicit transaction". Its destination was unknown.

The Coast Guard and the navy got into the act following an intelligence tip about a suspicious Pakistani boast.

The boat was spotted by a Dornier aircraft and intercepted by Coast Guard ships near the India-Pakistan maritime boundary, 365 km from Porbandar in Gujarat, shortly before the onset of New Year.

A Coast Guard ship warned the boat to stop for investigation but it increased speed and tried to get away.

"(A) hot pursuit continued for nearly one hour, and the Coast Guard ship managed to stop the fishing boat after firing warning shots," the statement said.

"Four persons were seen on the boat who disregarded all warnings by the Coast Guard ship to stop and cooperate with investigation."

The suspicious crew then hid themselves below the deck and set the vessel on fire, resulting in an explosion and a major fire.

"Due to darkness, bad weather and strong winds, the boat and persons on board could not be saved or recovered. The boat burnt and sank in the same position in early hours of Jan 1," the statement said.

The Coast Guard's Nautiyal said the boat sank at 6.33 a.m. after being cornered in the sea.

"There must be something serious," he said. "Otherwise there was no reason to try to escape... or to switch off the lights."

He said the Coast Guard will connect the dots when the Coast Guard ship which cornered the suspicious boat returns to base.

When the boat exploded and sank, an Indian Dornier was in the air.

Nautiyal called the incident the outcome of "good coordination between the intelligence and forces".

According to military officials, vigil has been increased along India's maritime boundaries for the last two months due to several inputs on possible threats from the sea.

The Indian Navy chief has last month warned of increased threats from the sea.
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To be good humans education is a must: B.Ramanath Rai

Bajpe:  At the inaugural function of newly  built building  Popular C.Jagadish Shetty Education  Center   Minister of forestry B. Ramanath Rai said that to be good humans education  is a must but along with that  social life is also important.

He inaugurated the expanded building  of Popular Bunts English Medium School’s   Popular C.Jagadish Shetty Education  Center .

Later he unveiled Kateel Durgaparmeshwari hall.

Co-Op.Society South Canara President Dr. M.N.Rajendra Kumar inaugurated  Popular C.Jagadish Shetty Charitable Foundation.

K.Laxminarayana Asranna priest of Kateel Temple blessed all.

Businessman  Attur Baabu Shetty inaugurated trusts secretary chamber.

Chairperson of Shridevi Education Trust Bangaluru  D.Jayaram Shetty was at hand.

Kateel first grade college principal M.Balakrishna Shetty gave a complimentary speech.

MLAs J.R.Lobo, Ivan D’souza, Ex-MLAs Amarnath Shetty and Vijayakumar Shetty were present .

Popular C.Jagadish Shetty  felicitated  theTrustee of Shridevi Education Trust’s  A.Sadananda Shetty.

On this occasion 9 Students were given  1000 rupees under the scheme of 'scholorships for under privileged students' who are good at studies.

Adminster of school bunts welfare vice president K.Karunakar Shetty was at hand.

Shana .M.Fehallavi welcomed and Nirmala mastered the ceremony.


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