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The Labour Market Regulatory Authority announces grace period

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Manama : The Labour Market Regulatory Authority announced today that an amnesty period will commence on July 1st for six months aimed at allowing illegal workers to either legalize their presence in Bahrain through obtaining legal gainful employment or by leaving back to their countries without penalties or "Black Listing" which will allow all workers who choose to leave Bahrain during the amnesty period to return at any future date to Bahrain without obstacles.

The Labour Market Regulatory Authority’s Chief Executive Officer Ausamah Alabsi said :"we offer this opportunity to all those who may have found themselves on the wrong side of the law to rectify their situation without having to pay penalties or face legal procedures."

He added, "we aim to remove as many people as possible from this vulnerable position of being illegal and subject to exploitation, and give them the opportunity of a new start without financial or legal costs."

Mr. Alabsi also stressed that there will be no penalty fees and therefore no worker should pay anyone for this service, stating that "it is illegal to collect money from workers for the services offered by the amnesty either by employers or middlemen."


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