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Kuwait to deport teachers over helping cheaters

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Kuwait to deport teachers over helping cheaters
Manama: Kuwait is to deport any teacher caught assisting students cheat in their exams and assignments, the education minister has said.

“There will be no zero-tolerance towards any teacher who helps cheaters in any way,” Bader Al Eisa said. “We will not tolerate cheating and we will be very strict about it. The foreign teacher will be deported and the Kuwaiti teacher will be sacked,” he said, quoted by the local media on Tuesday.

Reports last week indicated that students in Kuwait were increasingly using miniature electronic devices to cheat in their exams, mainly through communicating with people outside the examination hall and receiving the answers to the questions.

One student needed medical assistance to pull a cheating device out of his ear where it was stuck.

According to a report in the local daily Al Seyassah on Tuesday, the student was pressed the Bluetooth device deep into his ear to ensure it is not detected by exam supervisor.

However, he was unable to take it out and had to go to the emergency department of a hospital to have it removed.

The student later insisted on taking his device from the doctor, saying that he needed it for the exam on the next day.

The warning to deport expatriates who do not comply with the law in Kuwait came two days after the head of the municipal council in the capital Kuwait City said that expatriates apprehended barbecuing in non-allocated places would be sent home.

“There is a plan to set up a new link with the interior ministry to deport the foreigners who break the municipal laws, including barbecuing on the beaches and public parks,” Ahmad Al Saubaih said.

“The municipality had designated specific spots at the beach and in public gardens where people could barbecue. It has also imposed a ban on having a barbecue in certain areas. However, several people have failed to comply with the laws and regulations, even though they are aware that those who cause any form of damage to public utilities or facilities face punishment,” he said.


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