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Kuwait mourns Al-Khorafi Featured

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KUWAIT: Ahmadi Governor Sheikh Fawwaz Al-Khalid expressed deep condolences to Kuwait’s leadership, government and people on the sad demise of the former speaker of the house, Jassem Al-Khorafi, who passed away here Thursday. Khalid also extended his condolences to the Arab and Muslim nations and the whole world noting that Khorafi was a role model of patriotism and service to his country, saying “Many people have learned a lot from Khorafi’s wisdom and performance in governmental, parliamentary and humanitarian activities.”

MP Soud Al-Huraiji extended condolences to the Al-Khorafi family and to the current speaker, Marzouq Al-Ghanim, noting that by Khorafi’s death, Kuwait had lost one of its most loyal and devoted citizens who spent his life serving Kuwait and its people. “His death was a shock to Kuwait,” he underlined noting that Khorafi was a very wise, religious and benevolent man.

MP Askar Al-Enezi expressed deep sadness for Khorafi’s death praying to Almighty Allah to bestow his mercy on him. “Kuwait has lost a man of the most patriotic and devoted kind. He was a sound of wisdom, reason, foresight, and always prioritized the public’s interests and Kuwait’s greater good,” he said adding that he worked with him as a house speaker during his previous parliamentary memberships in 2008 and 2009 and that he had accompanied him on many visits abroad. “He was the best ambassador to his country on those visits,” he said.

Former MP Essam Al-Dabbous issued a statement expressing heartfelt sadness for Khorafi’s demise in which he highlighted how Khorafi had significant influence in Kuwait’s modern history. “He was a real addition to parliamentary life and by his efficiency and patriotism, he managed to lead the parliament through a very sensitive period that proved Kuwait really enjoys a great deal of democracy and liberty,”
he said adding that Khorafi was a benevolent man, descending from a family accustomed to and known for its benevolence.

Former parliamentary elections candidate, Engineer Ahmed Al-Hamad also expressed his deepest condolences to the Al-Khorafi family and the entire Kuwaiti people noting that Khorafi was an iconic Kuwaiti politician who had effectively contributed to political life in Kuwait during very hard periods. “After serving as an MP in nine parliaments, Khorafi lead the parliament from 2009 to 2011,” he said adding that Khorafi’s performance in politics, as well as in the economy, impressed everybody.

Deputy Speaker of the House Mubarak Al-Khurainej expressed condolences for Khorafi’s death noting that he himself had lost a ‘big brother’ who spent his life serving Kuwait and its people. “Khorafi will always represent a school for all of us in terms of his long career, devotedness, ethics, morals, respect, modesty, patience and so many things,” he lamented praying to Allah to bestow His mercy on his soul.

In addition, Khurainej called for naming one of Kuwait’s main streets, public facilities, the new MPs building or the National Assembly’s main conference hall after Khorafi in appreciation for all the services he did to Kuwait and for dedicating his entire life to its causes.


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