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Expats pay tribute to carnage victims

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Jeddah: Expatriates in cities across the Kingdom have expressed shock over the recent brutal attack on the Army Public School in Peshawar by the Taliban. 

Mohammed Hameed, a philanthropist from India, said: “It’s extremely painful and heart-wrenching to see the pictures and videos of the horrific attack. It is definitely a crime against humanity.”

“This news has not only traumatized the people of Pakistan but the whole world. We Indians are sad over the loss of innocent lives in the suicide attack, sympathize with the parents and their family members, and are praying for the departed souls,” he said.

Humera Nahid, a Pakistani doctor, said that words cannot describe her feelings. “This tragedy is a cowardly act of terrorism. The people of the Taleban are definitely not human and have no right to be called Muslims because such a heinous crime against humanity in the name of religion is unacceptable in Islam.” 

“This time they have gone to an extreme level to prove their ruthlessness and brought shame on our country.” She said that she hopes the families of the victims have the strength to bear their losses.

Nahid called on the Pakistan government and the country’s political parties to end this violence and hang the terrorists in public so that such an awful act is not repeated. 

Sayed Sarmad, a Pakistani Islamic scholar in Jeddah, said he watched the entire “tragic” story on television with tears in his eyes. “Who would kill school children and teachers? It can make any stable person lose his mind.” 

“We cannot relate to the loss that families are feeling in their hearts, but can only pray for those who suffered and for our dear homeland, and expect something concrete is done to tackle the root of terrorism in Pakistan.”

Moaz Suan, a Jordanian accountant, said: “I have several friends from Pakistan who are grieving over the news. Being a father myself, I can only imagine the grief of the parents and the people of Pakistan. It is shocking to hear that the Taleban called it an act of revenge.” 

“It’s surprising to see that the Taleban targeted school children in their fight with the military. We are all against this incident and pray that the mastermind behind this attack is arrested and executed.” Many expatriates said that they are prepared to help Pakistanis during this trying time. Several international and privates schools observed two minutes of silence in memory of the departed souls. 

“We offered our condolences by observing moments of silence and praying for them. It is extremely sad to see kids targeted like this and killed so brutally,” said Ayesha Sehri, vice principal at a government school.

Society for International Peace passed a resolution condemning the brutal massacre of the children. Its chairman, Rohail Khan, in a statement said it was a conspiracy to destabilize Pakistan. The Pakistan Repatriation Council also issued a statement condemning the carnage and commiserating with the bereaved families.


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