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Workers end strike in Abha

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Workers end strike in Abha
The labor office in Abha has taken steps to end a strike launched by 150 expatriate workers in a private contracting company demanding end to violations of labor regulations or return to their countries.
They complained that their affairs were managed in an unprofessional and unsatisfactory manner besides frequently raising disputes with them.
Director of the Asir branch of the Labor Ministry Hussein Al-Murri said his officials investigated the complaints of 150 expatriate laborers of the company. The labor inspectors visited the company and sent the striking laborers back to their work on Monday with assurances to solve their issues.
The complaints were against the administrative supervisors and about several disputes. He added that the inspectors enforced the labor regulations and took note of all violations they detected at the company. The company, on the other hand, was asked to produce evidence for any complaint against the workers. He said penal measures will be taken against any violation of labor regulations.
Al-Murri said that all aspects of the complaints would be studied and justice will be delivered to the workers and the company on the basis of the relevant regulations.

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