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Saudi Arabia

1,000 illegals held daily in Jeddah

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1,000 illegals held daily in Jeddah
Jeddah police have been arresting about 1,000 expatriates a day for violating the country's work and residency regulations.
This is despite the fact that a year has passed since the crackdown on illegal workers began, according to a recent report in a local newspaper.
Some workers interviewed by the publication said they plan to remain in the country to seek employment.
Abdulghafour Khan said he has a residence permit, but three months after he arrived in the Kingdom, his sponsor said he could not pay his wages and that he should go work for other people.
Some of his friends encouraged him to work for a daily wage, so he bought some light equipment and is now in construction. Khan, a Pakistani national, said many contracting companies use workers like him as daily laborers.

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