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4 university officials jailed for corruption

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4 university officials jailed for corruption 4 university officials jailed for corruption

Baha: A court in Al-Baha has sentenced four prominent individuals at Al-Baha University to a combined jail term of four years for abuse of authority. They were also fined SR21,000. They were convicted of charges of forging experience certificates and filing applications of employment for a number of people, some of whom were women who formerly worked for the university. 

The court acquitted a fifth defendant of forgery and misuse of authority. The case stemmed from the employees violating a government order that stated that all government employees be documented. They forged experience certificates and registered the data of five women who had been documented according to older documents, even though they had never worked at the university. Investigations revealed that their contracts had been signed after the government order.

The accused abused their authority for personal gain, the court ruled. The Bureau of Investigation and Public Prosecution presented evidence including the admissions of the accused, and a number of analyzes that proved forgery and irregular use of the official stamp.

The bureau demanded harsh punishments, since Article 2 of the Royal Order stated that anyone who is proved to have committed crimes of mismanagement, or tampering with rules and regulations in a manner that harms public interests, could be imprisoned for up to 10 years plus a fine of SR20,000. Article 8 of the anti-forgery rule stipulates that anyone who forges an official stamp can be imprisoned for three years.

The first defendant was imprisoned for a two-year suspended sentence and fined SR3,000. The second was fined SR10,000 and acquitted of forgery and abusing his authority. The third defendant was convicted of forgery and abuse of authority. He was imprisoned for one year and fined SR5,000. The fourth defendant was convicted of abusing his authority, imprisoned for one year and fined SR3,000 - See more at:

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