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Saudi woman's revenge on husband over 'second wife

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A Saudi woman has exacted the ultimate revenge on her husband for taking a second wife by implicating him in traffic fines worth around SR300,000 on his wedding night.

The disgruntled wife took her husband’s pickup as he was celebrating his second marriage and asked her brother to purposefully drive it through red lights where the licence number could be picked up by unforgiving cameras.

A video clip of the pickup driving through a red traffic light, getting caught by the camera, then reversing to repeat the violation went viral on the Net.

According to local news site Al Marsad, the brother and his sister spent much of the evening jumping red lights to register the highest number of fines by Saher, the system introduced by Saudi traffic authorities to check chaotic driving and monitor violations that included mainly jumping red lights.

Under the system used mainly in large cities, drivers are immediately fined for breaking regulations with penalties increasing in case fines are not paid within a specific period of time.

The clip of the pickup purposefully jumping red lights drew mainly cheers from social media users.

“Well done by the wife,” Budoor, a commenter, said. “He opted to distance himself from her, so it is only normal that she teaches him a lesson,” she posted.

Zahra, another blogger, said that she could not stop laughing at the situation.

“I am sure he was happily joking around with his friends while his vehicle was recording traffic fines,” she said. “He did not see it coming, of course, but he deserves what happened to him,” she added.

However, those who sided with the husband insisted that he would not be held responsible for the traffic violations.

“It was his wedding evening and he has many witnesses who can testify that he was not driving his pickup,” Abu Arwa said. “His first wife and her brother will be forced to pay the fines since they were the ones in the car that broke the rules. They should also be sent to jail and given lashes for their reckless behaviour.”

Southerner said that the woman should engage in introspection and ask herself about the reasons that pushed her husband to take another wife instead of seeking to exact revenge on him.


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