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Drunk Dubai tourist kissed sleeping housewife

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Defendant convicted of entering wrong flat, kissing sleeping housewife, trying to steal walletA tourist, who was drunk when he mistakenly walked into the wrong flat and kissed a sleeping housewife, was sentenced to three months in jail. The 40-year-old Saudi tourist, W.A., consumed liquor before he trespassed into an Emirati man's flat and kissed his wife while she was in bed and then tried to steal the flat owner's wallet in July.

The Dubai Court of First Instance convicted W.A. of trespassing, molesting, attempting to steal and consuming liquor.

When he showed up in court, the tourist claimed that he had consumed alcohol, but denied kissing the Emirati woman.

Meanwhile he contended that he took the man's wallet by mistake.

"I realised that I had taken the man's wallet by mistake. Actually I discovered that by coincidence at the police station when I was asked to present my personal identification papers," contended the defendant.

Presiding judge Ezzat Abdul Lat said the accused will be deported following the completion of his punishment.

The wife testified that she woke up to someone kissing her cheek.

"When I opened my eyes, he stepped back and stood in the room's corner... he lit a cigarette ... I woke my husband as I felt scared," she said.

Her husband said the accused smelt of alcohol as he escorted him down to the building's security office and called the police.

The defendant's lawyer argued that W.A. was intoxicated and walked into the wrong flat mistaking it for his own.

She said the woman's statement was "inconsistent" and that it would have been impossible for the incident to have taken place in the way she described it.

"Supposedly my client did kiss her, then why was her reaction and that of her husband's so lenient? Whenever a woman is molested she reacts by shouting or screaming ... but she and her husband did not do so. My client did not have any criminal intention considering that he was drunk and unaware of his behaviour," the lawyer argued.

The Saudi pleaded for leniency contending that he comes from a decent family in Saudi Arabia.

"I came here with my family for a holiday and not to break the law. I am an educated person ... I do not need to steal. I won't ruin my future by committing such behaviour," he told presiding judge Abdul Lat.

Monday's ruling remains subject to appeal within 15 days.

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