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Have you got ‘Try WhatsApp’ calling message?

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Have you got ‘Try WhatsApp’ calling message?
Dubai: A WhatsApp message urging app users to try out a so-called Whatsapp Calling feature which would enable them to make voice calls over data is likely spam, IT experts have warned.
On Thursday, several UAE residents got a message on the popular instant messaging app saying the WhatsApp Calling feature could be activated on their smartphone. The message carried a URL link which directed recipients to a page where they were asked to invite at least 10 WhatsApp friends before they could start making free phone calls.

Eager residents began dashing out invites to friends and, within minutes, the message went viral.
However, no one was able to make any calls.
Amidst all this confusion, another message started circulating warning people against trying the voice calling feature saying it’s spam.
“If you receive a message saying WhatsApp calling is activated and asking you to send to 10 people by clicking the link don’t click that link,” the message read.
“It’s a spam/malware and will read all your phone details. If you look carefully that link will actually take you to a site address. This domain is booked by someone from California and the name

server of this site is among the blocked list of GoDaddy domain registrar. Please pass on to your circles,” the message added.
An IT expert said the trustworthiness of the website is doubtful.
“App manufacturers do not launch new features by sending cascading messages. Users are invited to try new features through app updates and media announcements."

A tech website said the ‘Continue’ button on the website is a trap as it leads you to a site which needs you to take a survey, making you see ads, click on websites, and download apps, which could contain malware or viruses.

However, there were some reports that claimed WhatsApp was probably testing the feature and had opened it for limited time by inviting a few random users.
Technology websites say WhatsApp developers are monitoring the call quality, encryption, security and data rates that are needed to make the feature available to the public.
There was no official confirmation or denial from WhatsApp.

Sharon Shetty

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