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New Audi A6 range launched in the UAE

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Who doesn’t like to travel business class? Well, Audi just made it even more fun with a revamp of its A6 executive saloon.

The range was launched in the UAE last week, with the 7DAYS Driven team getting the chance to try out some of the models on a road trip across the Northern Emirates.

And we liked what we saw and drove.

The new generation of the A6, which also includes the S6 sports version and RS6 super-estate, has a flatter, wider stance with some subtle changes to the grille and bumper. Overall, it gives the A6 a more distinctive look, something needed in a segment that can be a bit samey.

Inside, the A6 is very Audi, with comfy seats and plenty of tech. However, I was pleased they hadn’t gone overboard with the buttons and switches, something I find irritating in its competitors. The controls have also been spruced up with an aluminium finish.

Under the bonnet is a selection of four engines, three new ones and the current 2.8-litre V6, which the firm has decided to keep in this region.
The entry level is now a 1.8-litre rather than a 2.0-litre. Despite the drop in capacity, the 1.8 is quicker than its predecessor and produces more power. The improvement reflects the firm’s new badging policy, with displacement no longer considered the only measure of performance. So, gone are 1.8, 2.0 or 3.0 marques, replaced by 35, 40 and 50 TFSI. They tried to explain how it works, but it all seemed very complicated.

New features include a coasting mode to save fuel and a stop/start function that switches the engine off when you go below 7kph rather than when you come to a standstill.

I thought that sounded appalling, as if the car had stalled, however the difference is unnoticeable when on the road.

Other features include acoustic glass to cut road noise, headlights that adjust to the light around you and, my favourite, night vision that will spot a camel in the road. We encountered a few ships of the desert, but as it was daytime I couldn’t test out the gadget.
During the briefing there was also much talk of the new infotainment system, which includes a 24-bit display, NVIDIA chip and two USB ports.

Here I apologise as I didn’t spend much time fiddling with it during the drive, particularly when in the fast and furious S6.

You see, the A6 was such a pleasure to drive that radio, iPods, sat nav were unnecessary distractions­.

There was no need to drown out the road noise as it was non-existent and, quite frankly, I was hoping I might get lost as it would mean a bit longer driving the car.

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