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Meet Dubai’s new gentleman cabbies

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Dubai — New taxi drivers in Dubai will now have to undergo tests and English language training by the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA).

Announcing new rules to recruit cab drivers, the authority said it hopes to improve the quality of taxi services by rolling out the new initiative. A senior RTA official said the new rules have been created to standardise services.

“The RTA is seeking to bring happiness to all customers especially users of taxis — a vital sector with impli-cations on the tourist profile of the Emirate. The ultimate objec-tive of this move is to standardise and overhaul procedures and conditions for recruiting cab-drivers at franchise companies,” said Dr Yousef Mohammed Al Ali, CEO of the Public Transport Agency.Selection of new taxi drivers will be based on certain parameters which include English language testing, psychometric tests, resilience, problem-solving, communication skills and self-management.

“These aspects will be part of the basic procedures of selecting taxi drivers. Afterwards, behavioural interviews will be made comprising five questions de-rived from the above-mentioned standards of service,” explained Al Ali.

A specialist company in the field of English language education and personalised behavioural tests will be selected to deliver the service to the taxi sector. The RTA is hoping to improve the occupational efficiency of drivers and minimise complaints to raise satisfaction of taxi users.


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