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Meet the kind-hearted restaurant staff giving free food to Dubai jobseekers

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Kind-hearted staff at a Dubai restaurant are giving away free meals to jobseekers and labourers – in an attempt to help those in need and  cut back on food wastage.

Manan Mistry, one of the owners of Royal Kebab in Media City, has a sign outside inviting unemployed people inside to enjoy a free meal.

Along with inviting jobseeking diners into the restaurant, his staff also take

buffet leftovers to workers at a nearby construction site.

The sign outside the eatery reads: “If you are unemployed and looking for a job, we understand that times are tough, so drop by for a free meal anytime.”

The 35-year-old British expat said the efforts are just to show a “kind gesture”.

Mistry and his business partner Dillon Daryanani took over the restaurant two years ago. Prior to owning this restaurant, Mistry said he was unemployed for two years and this is his way of paying a good dead forward.

He said: “No one really thinks that there are people out there who don’t have jobs and I’ve been in that situation – I know how it feels.

“You don’t even know when and if you will have a next meal. So, I wanted to help people in any way I could.”

Mistry added: “I was a bit sceptical at first because I thought people might abuse it. But so far, we have had a decent response.”

Jobseekers who walk in to hand over their CV are invited to eat free from the buffet, which is normally priced at Dhs55 per person.

He said: “Last week, there were two African girls who came in looking for jobs. I told them we didn’t have any openings but that they can eat from the buffet before leaving.”

He said the gesture has not affected takings.

Mistry said: “A lot of the food from the buffet is left over and we have no-waste policy.”

Mistry hopes other restaurants would think about the amount of wasted food.

He said: “I believe a lot of restaurants in Dubai do not care about food wastage as long as they are making money. It is a very sensitive topic.

“Some give the food to their own staff and some may just throw it away. It’s really up to the owners.

“Dillon and I decided to help. We provide food for labourers around the site with no questions asked. We don’t expect any glory for this but we’re glad to help.”

The issue of food wastage is a hot topic, with many believing restaurants cannot give away leftover food because of health and safety. But according to the Dubai Municipality hotline, any restaurant with a licence is permitted to give food away.

An customer service agent said: “Giving away free food can be considered as a donation and a good deed.

“As long as the restaurant is licensed and has passed the safety inspections, it’s allowed.”


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