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The annual festival of Kodamanittaya Shri Rajan Daiva commenced

  • Published in Bantwal
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Bantwal: The annual festival of Kodamanittaya Shri Brammabaidere garodi commenced at Badagakajekar village in Bantwal. On April 2 night Shri Rajan daiva Kodamanittaya and Kalkuda nema commenced.

Moktesar N.Ratnakumar Aariga, Gopal Krishana Asranna, renovation committee vice president Gunashekahr, H.sec. M.Narayan, Joint sec Vasanth were present.
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Money distributed to members by D.Gramabhivruddi

  • Published in Bantwal
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Bantwala: In the guidance of Shri. Dharmastal Gramabhvruddi in the Vagga region Badagakajekar A union self help group has accumulated 2,07,934 rupees which was distributed to the members by in charge Vasant Salian.

Death condolence insurance was issued to member of Inchara group, Padvathi which is 10,840 rupees. Kokila Y Bangera, president Giriyappa Poojari Saumaya and others were present.
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Crooks who were trying to sell Pistol are trapped by cops.

  • Published in Udupi
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Udupi: Two crooks, who were trying to sell Pistols in rural area, have been arrested by Udupi DCIB on definite information. The crooks were roaming in Hunk bike at Yadtadi that comes under Brammavar jurisdiction.

Koteshwara Alive resident Yogish(29) and Kundapur Ferry road residet Sohail (29) are the accused arrested by cops. One pistol, 7 rounds, 3 mobile phones and Hero Honda bike has been seized from the culprits, which values around 1.34 lacks.

Udupi district SP Annamalai’s direction additional police inspector Santhosh Kumar and DYSP Chandrashekar’s guidance has led the team. Udupi district crime secret agency inspector T.R.Jaishankar raided the culprits. Staff Santhosh Ambagilu, Santhosh Kundar, Praveen, Raghavendra and others were in the team.

The culprits and things that have been detained by them are kept in Brammavara Police station.
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‘Revealing caste not mandatory for social, educational survey’

  • Published in Mangaluru
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Mangaluru: Social and Educational Survey will be conducted in Dakshina Kannada for 20 days from April 11, according to A.B. Ibrahim, Deputy Commissioner.

Addressing presspersons here on Thursday he said that it is not mandatory on the part of the head of a family to reveal the caste.

If a respondent refuses to state the caste or stated that he or she did not belonged to any caste or said that they did not know their caste then the enumerator would record them under the relevant codes in the order of 44444, 22222 and 33333. It would not invite any punishment.

But if a respondent stated his caste wrongly and if it was revealed that it was intentional while the same respondent availing any government benefit under any government scheme then it would be punishable.

He said that the enumerators would ask 55 questions. They would have to visit such houses again if the houses were found locked or the key person for answering the questions are not available.

About 5,000 enumerators and officials are involved in the survey covering 3,930 blocks with each block comprising of 120 to 150 houses.
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