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Kannur: Political clashes have intensified in Kannur once again. BJP and CPIM activists are throwing bombs at eachother’s house and killing innocent housemates. In the incident a pregnant woman was seriously injured and was admitted to the hospital.  

A bomb was thrown into the house of CPIM leader M.K Premarajan on Thursday morning. His pregnant daughter Adhira (25) sustained serious injuries. His wife Ajitha and other two have sustained minor injuries. The six bombers arrived in three bikes and fled away after throwing the bomb inside the house through the window.

Due to the impact of the blast the ceiling of the house has crashed down, the doors, windows and other furniture in the house were damaged.  This incident was followed by another bomb attack on the house of Karunan in Vellachil.

As per police reports the same bikers who threw bomb into the house of Premarajan are also involved in the second incident and were trying to create violence by throwing indigenous and petrol bombs on the roads of Kannur. Police have taken the situation under their control and no counter violence was reported. Various political parties and organizations have called for strikes on Friday. A tense situation prevails in the region and police are taking every step to avoid a major conflict.



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