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Chennai: Thirty-three year-old Ahamed alias Kaushik, an active share market trader, has been planning the ‘great robbery’ along with his associates for the last 10 days. It is not sure if they were hoping to pull it off like Hollywood movies, Italian Job or Ocean’s 11. He had hand picked his associates and made different kinds of offers to his team members, and wanted to settle himself with enough money with just one ‘mission’.

Two of his associates were MBA graduates and they were offered jobs abroad while another man, who was burdened with heavy loan, was told that his loan would be settled. Another associate was offered help to set up a medical shop. All of them were told that they have to take the box and deliver to somebody else. "Just grab the box. It belonged to us. I will take care of the rest,” he told his associates. But the public foiled the plan at time of execution on Tuesday night at Todd Hunter Nagar in Saidapet.

Actually his team had executed their mission after sprinkling chilli powder on the face of the occupants of the car, in which three persons of a courier firm, were carrying nearly 10 kg gold worth `2.5 crore. The finished gold was collected from 16 jewellery makers and was to be delivered to dealers in Mumbai. Police said that Kaushik, a native of Tiruppur had been staying in Broadway for the last two months and had tried his luck in stock market but failed.

This is the first robbery attempt by the gang in Chennai in which at least four bikes were used to stop the car in Saidapet, much ahead of the place they had originally planned to stop it. But members of the public foiled the heist attempt as one after another was caught.


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