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Heat takes toll on fasting Muslims in Hyderabad

Hyderabad: The change in weather with severe heat like conditions over the last two days is taking a toll on fasting Muslims with complaints of vomiting, severe migraine, headaches and sinusitis.

Ramzan began on a cool note with the temperatures dropping and fasting Muslims were grateful for the rains which brought the temperatures down. But now with severe heat and humidity conditions many of them are feeling the pressure with common ailments striking them.

Dr Zainul Abeddin, a general physician at Malakpet said, “The sudden heat has increased the number of cases of migraine. There are many who complain of headaches followed by bouts of vomiting. It is also seen that as they are feeling the heat, they are depending a lot on chilled water, fruit juices mixed with ice which are adding to their woes.”

While fasting it is important to maintain a proper balance of diet. Nutritionist Madhurima Sinha said, “After staying without food and water for 14 hours it is important that cold foods laced with ice must be avoided. It ends up creating a drastic effect in the body where it can lead to severe migraine attack and later also sinusitis. To beat the heat, fruits like water melons, pomegranate, cherries or even dry fruits like almond and dates will help. Even after Iftar it is important to ensure that food is not too heavy like laced with too much oil and animal fat. It must be simple and healthy.”

Experts state that it is the bad combination of foods which often leads to these problems along with the issues of climate. Dr Abdul Hasan Ashraf said, “A lot of problems that we are seeing are also because of waking up in the middle of the night for Sehri. The problems are high especially in women as their sleep patterns are badly disturbed as they have to cook for the night. This lifestyle change is found to be one of the causes for these sudden problems.”

For this reason, it is important to take rest taken  day. Dr M Sadiq, general physician at Daberpura said, “Fasting has to be without food and water for 14.30 hours which is very long. For that reason, a few modifications like taking a quick nap in the afternoon will ensure that the body gets the required rest as the devout engage in prayers in the evening and also at night. Those who are working must cover up during the morning hours so that a proper balance can be set in the body and the rest mode is not affected.”

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