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Is your new laptop starting to look like something you found in the trash? Here are some steps that you can take to clean it up yourself.

Is your new laptop starting to look like something you found in the trash? Here are some steps that you can take to clean it up yourself.
Get the right cleaning supplies for your laptop. For the screen you should use a special screen cleaner. For the rest of the laptop, all you should need is a bowl, some soap (if you wish to clean your laptop with the keys removed), a can of compressed air, and some isopropyl alcohol. 

Turn off the laptop and remove the battery. Don't risk shocking yourself or ruining your machine during the cleaning process. 

Remove the mouse, any discs or CDs, USB keys and anything else that is connected or protruding from your laptop. They will only get in the way. 

If you want to clean the laptop with the keys still attached you will need to use the can of compressed air. Do not hold the can upside down; simply tilt it and spray. If you are having trouble spraying you can always tilt your laptop, just try not to damage it in the process. Continue spraying until you have removed as much debris as you can. 

If you want to clean the laptop without the keys connected, as well as the keys themselves, you will need to use a knife to remove them. Be careful when taking them out so that you do not damage the keys, the connectors, or yourselfBefore prying keys off, make sure you understand how to replace them. Some laptop keys are harder to reassemble than others. If you're not sure, try popping off one key and replacing it before you pop them all off.
Fill up a bowl with water and a few drops of regular dish soap. Place the keys from the keyboard inside of the bowl and let them sit for as long as necessary to loosen the gunk. You may need to scrub the keys lightly by hand to finish the job. 

Fill another bowl with half lukewarm water and the other half isopropyl alcohol. Dip a lint-free cloth in the new cleaning solution. Wring out the cloth to avoid dripping water. Wipe clean the inside of the keyboard, as well as the sides and the other faces of your laptop. 

Clean out the ports along the sides of the laptop. Use the compressed air again (remember to keep the can upright). Spray all of the connector ports until they are nice and clean. 

Leave your laptop out so that it can dry thoroughly. Do not shut the lid. If you removed the keys from your keyboard, you can set them out on the counter or table or wipe them with a dry cloth. 

Pop your keyboard keys back on when you’re sure that your machine and the keys are both fully dry. 

Use a special screen cleaning solution to clean your screen. Spray some onto a microfiber cloth and gently wipe it over the screen. Shake out the cloth to get rid of dust and grit, then apply more cleaning solution to a clean part of the cloth and go over the screen gently. Do not use a lot of pressure while cleaning the screen.Do this last, so that your screen is free of any debris you generated when cleaning the rest of the laptop. Do not use normal soap, as it can damage your screen or decrease its performance.

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