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The 5 signs to analyze whether your boss sincerely hates you or not!!

The 5 signs to analyze whether your boss sincerely hates you or not!!
You are experiencing micro management

If your boss signals you that he doesn’t trust you and even shows lack of confidence when it comes to handling any project then that is a signal that your boss dislikes you. In addition, the worst part about being in such situation is that you are being micro managed and your boss is following you for every single task.

How to escape this situation?

In any such situation, you first have to analyze whether the incidences you are considering are really a sign of your boss being bias or not. For this, you have to talk to other employees and analyze whether he is same with all or not. If it is just you, who is fussed up in such situation, then you need to handle stuffs carefully. You can share some positive words with him to know what are the things that are not making him rely on you or feel confident about you. By discussing things out, one generally leads to a solution – a better solution.

Also, if you are facing the situation of micro-management then, you may tell your boss that it’s affecting you as well as your productivity. In fact, instead of every minute report, you can suggest him other great ways to stay in loop like weekly meetings or reports.

Your raise requests go unnoticed

If there are no actions taken on your raise requests or without much explanation these are turned down, then possibilities are your boss dislikes you.

How to escape this situation?

Firmly ask your boss to give you proper explanation on why you couldn’t get a raise or what are the factors you should work upon to get good hike or by when you can get expected hike. If in case, this doesn’t work, then you may think over whether you are in a right job or not.

You have never seen how feed-backs are like (specially the positive ones)

Do you rarely get positive feed backs or do not even get any? Do your good work goes unrecognized while your colleagues get praised for even minor tasks? If so, then this is another sign that you are not so lovable to your boss.

How to escape this situation?

Simply go straight and ask about his feedback for a particular task (but be polite). Ask your boss to tell you few points those went well and those which could have been better regarding a recently done project. Doing this would also tell, how he actually feels about you. Take his response sincerely and follow doing what he wants you to do.

Your day starts & ends with criticism

Once in a blue moon criticism is for one’s good, but if it gets a regular routine, then there is a serious issue. If you feel that your no good work can please your boss, then its time that you accept to give red flag to your relationship.

How to escape this situation?

As a solution to avoid this, whenever you work on any project, you should share how the expected tasks would be like. If you already discuss about how the final & successful outcome would look like, then it would be easier for you to work on the same parameters. Also, you may go ahead with direct conversations for how you are taking it as, and what is the feedback of your manager on that.

Billionaire Bill Gates once said“I choose a lazy person to do a hard job. Because a lazy person will find an easy way to do it.”

Well, here we are surely not convincing you to turn into a lazy bone! But in case you are in love with laziness, yet you dream to earn good bucks then it can surely come true.

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